Holes in Yard? 4 Possible Causes and Solutions

Are there mysterious holes in your yard that keep popping up out of nowhere? Where are these holes coming from? What can you do about them?

Not only are these holes unsightly, but they can also be a danger to anyone walking through your yard. Luckily, if you figure out where the holes are coming from, you can learn how to get rid of them.

Check out this guide to learn what to do if there are holes in your yard. 

1. Earthworms 

If there are a number of small holes in your yard, earthworms may be the problem. These creatures burrow below the soil, especially when your yard is damp. 

The holes they leave behind are usually the size of a pencil. In addition to holes, earthworms also tend to leave behind soil castings. Earthworms tend to be more active during the spring months, although they can pop up throughout the year. 

While earthworms cause your lawn to be bumpy and uneven, they’re also healthy for your lawn. This is because they aerate your lawn and relieve soil compaction. For this reason, you should let earthworms do their thing. 

2. Birds 

Birds may peck away at your grass in search of earthworms and other tasty insects. Holes from birds tend to be small and in random places. 

While birds do help maintain the pest population in your yard, they can be a nuisance. If you’re looking to detract birds from your lawn, the best thing to do is to set up bird feeders and birdbaths to draw their attention elsewhere. 

3. Moles 

While birds and earthworms produce tiny holes in your lawn, moles produce much larger holes. These creatures dig deep tunnels throughout your lawn that can go as far as 10 inches into the ground. 

Moles also leave behind volcano-shaped mounds near their entry points. The best way to get rid of moles is to eliminate their food sources. You can use a pesticide to get rid of worms and other insects that moles normally eat. 

Moles also hate noise, so you can place a portable radio and set it inside a Ziploc bag and set it where the moles often dig around. Moles also hate the smell of fish, so you can place some old fish scraps inside the tunnels where the moles are digging to get rid of them. 

We also suggest checking out this guide on ground mole removal. 

4. Voles 

Not to be confused with moles, voles are similar in appearance to field mice. However, they’re a bit stockier and have shorter tails. They tend to dig shallow, snake-like tunnels that are about 2 inches wide. 

However, these creatures also eat plants, so you may notice damage to your flowers, grass, and vegetables near their holes. Setting up a bait trap with peanut butter is usually the most effective way to get rid of voles. 

Holes in Yard: Time to Act 

Now that you understand the causes of holes in your yard, it’s time to act. Pretty soon, your yard will be level and hole-free with the above tips. 

Be sure to check back in with our blog for more tips on caring for your yard. 

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