Hire the Best Local Dog Walkers and Let Your Dogs Have the Time of Their Lives


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If you are a dog lover, you should know that owning one comes with a big responsibility. Dogs need a lot of attention, patience, effort and time.  One important task you should remember when owning a dog is to take them out on regular walks. Not everyone has the time to walk with their dogs. This is why your local dog walkers are a great help to your community. 

Why Is It Important to Walk a Dog Every Day?

There’s more about dog walking than just allowing your dog to have potty breaks. Walking is a good way to stimulate their brains, exercise their bodies, help them socialize and provide behavioural training. On top of that, it also helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog. 

Health advantage 

If you keep your dogs in a sedentary position, they can quickly become overweight and are prone to developing health problems. Dogs need another outlet to release their pent-up energy. So even if they are active inside your home, taking them outside ensures they get enough exercise to help avoid unnecessary weight gain. You too will also benefit from walking with your dog as it keeps you active as well. If you don’t have the time to do this, you can hire local dog walkers to help you out so your dogs can exercise and have a great time.

Physical and Mental Stimulation

If you want your dog to have the basic foundation for physical and mental health, then walk them regularly. Dogs are also similar to kids who are eager to explore the world. If you confine them inside your house for so long, they will get bored and this leads to destructive behaviour. Your furry friends depend on you to take them out so they can explore and be acquainted with new sights, sounds and smells. Be sure to vary the places you visit with your dog so they enjoy the chance to discover something new. 

Improve Dog Socialisation Skills

When walking, your pooch may meet other dogs. This allows them to learn acceptable ways of interacting with new animals. Your dog will build confidence and improve its chances of making new friends. If you observe that your dog is showing fear, take them to a training class to help them deal with anxiety in a more controlled environment. Even with training, pups that are well socialized can still have a bit of rough and tumble with other dogs but they know when to stop.

How Often Do Dogs Need to Be Walked?

There’s a general rule when it comes to walking your dogs. Dog walking North Brisbane service should be done around three to four times a day for at least fifteen minutes each, but it depends on the following factors:

  • age
  • size 
  • health conditions
  • eating habits
  • breed

If you have smaller dogs, once a day might be enough. High energy dog breeds will need more than one walk daily. If you are fond of jogging and love taking your dogs with you, be sure you know how much exercise your dog needs before you proceed. If you hire local dog walkers, ask if they are aware of certain activity levels of dog breed groups. 

Certain dog breeds have specific activity limitations. Choose high energy breeds if you are an adventurous person. If your dogs belong to the sheepdogs or cattle dogs category, it is best to provide them with challenges to test their training and mental skills. If you only want a companion dog, choose those that are not high-energy breeds. Short-haired breeds easily overheat and may suffer from breathing difficulties if you push them too hard. Short and easy walks are the perfect choice for them.

Connection Between Dogs and Humans

Dogs are high-maintenance pets and love to be with their humans at all times. You can’t leave them for long periods since they rely on their owners to be happy and healthy. They are not super self-sufficient and need their human companion to survive. You can hire dog walkers in your area if you don’t have the time to walk your dog or you need to be somewhere else. Simply log online and search for “hire dog walker near me” to find the best professional for the job. You can also visit our site for more updates.

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