Hidden iPhone Features That Will Make You Love Your Phone Even More

Last year, the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 were the two top-selling models in the world. In North America, the top 5 selling phones are all iPhone models.

These impressive sales statistics come as no surprise. The innovators at Apple continue to add new features and capabilities.

In fact, there are many hidden iPhone features that many owners do not even know about. These features are enough to make you love the iPhone even more.

Read on to learn all about hidden iPhone features. Explore these hidden phone features that set Apple apart from all of its competitors.

Search Everything at Once

Sometimes you cannot find a particular app or file. Most phone users know how to perform a search within an app. However, the iPhone has a universal search option that allows you to search the entire phone.

All that you have to do is swipe down from the center of the home screen. Make sure that your swiping is precise or you will bring up notifications or the control center.


Some iPhones have exceptionally large screens. Many of us have struggled to operate the phone with one hand. Your fingers just are not long enough to access buttons along the top of the screen.

For this reason, Apple software engineers added a reachability option. You can access this hidden feature in the settings menu under accessibility. When it is turned on, the screen is lowered down so you do not have to use two hands.

Back Tap

Who knew that the Apple logo on the back of your phone had functionality? By tapping on this logo, you can perform various commands.

These commands include volume control, screenshots, or going to the home screen. This functionality exists on all iPhones 8 and above.

You do have to turn this feature on in the settings under Accessibility. The back tap feature even works with accessories like a phone case.


How many times do you need a tape measure and do not have one handy? With the iPhone, this is no longer an issue.

Using the iPhone’s Augmented Reality (AR), you can measure anything with the phone’s camera. This includes the length, width, and height of an object. Also, you can save a photo of the object so that you remember the measurements.

Dark Mode at Sunset

Many phones have a dark mode feature. This turns the screen black in low-light conditions. The goal is to make the phone easier to read.

What makes the iPhone special is that you can activate dark mode at a specific time. This means at sunset, you can program the phone to automatically go into dark mode. You can select the entire operating system or just a specific app.

A Recap of the Best Hidden iPhone Features

The iPhone is a powerful device and can feel like having a supercomputer in your pocket. The hidden features discussed here making owning an iPhone even more convenient.

Now, you can take a measurement with your phone or back tap the Apple logo for commands. If you enjoyed this article about the best hidden iPhone features, check out our blog for more great content.

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