Here’s The Answer To Baffling Riddle That Is Going Viral

If you regularly use the internet for your utility or entertainment then you must have known about the viral riddle called ‘If I Had 4 Eggs riddle or if I had 4 eggs brain teaser. 

Riddles are one of the ways that help people to out of boredom. especially in lockdown people were finding ways to get rid of any kind of boredom or passing time just sitting idle at home. So a lot of people find riddle to use the time and brain to solve the riddle such as if I had 4 eggs riddle to make their brain sharper and become more intelligent. We as humans should always try to find ways to increase our productivity, therefore we search for games or puzzles. One of the benefits of solving puzzles for example-  if I had 4 eggs riddle or I have 6 eggs answer is that one develop critical and analytical skills. 

In modern times we have to think a lot about the addiction of people especially the younger generation are captivated by the addiction to social media.  such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc. But we can use social media websites for creativity and intelligence increments. For example, a lot of people have discovered riddles such as if I had 4 eggs brain teaser or to find if I had 4 eggs a thief gives me in a riddle. 

In this article, we will tell you everything about this popular riddle. In a very simple and easy way. Stick to us to know more about the “if I had 4 eggs brain teaser”. “I have 6 eggs answer” is correct or not will be clarified by you. We will check all the details about how many eggs do I have riddle now.

‘If I had 4 eggs’ riddle

If I had 4 eggs

and a thief gave me 3

and my rooster laid 5 more

How many do I have?

Now we will try to understand this puzzle and give you the answer. How many eggs do I have riddle? 

First, read this riddle carefully, it is saying that “If I had four eggs”, which means that there is no possession of it as the sentence is in past form. Therefore initially there are zero eggs. 

The second line of this riddle says the thief gave 3 eggs, so there are 3 eggs now. 

The third line is the most twisted one, it says the rooster laid 5 more eggs. In this line how many eggs do I have riddle, people will say if I had 4 eggs a thief gives me 3 then they will answer, I have 6 eggs answer is correct. But that is not true.

So, You think carefully does a rooster lays eggs? The answer is NO. consequently you have only 3 eggs till now. 

The end of the riddle says “how many many do I have” or finally how many eggs do I have riddle.

In the end, there are only 3 eggs that are left out. 

A point to note in solving riddles or puzzles is that there will be grammatical twists such as “if I had 4 eggs a thief gives me”. Subsequently, always be alert towards grammar angle in this kind of mind game. 

The final answer for if I had 4 eggs riddle is 0+3+0 = 3 eggs

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