Head-to-Toe Sun Protection with Blue Lizard Sunscreen for Kids

When the sun has got his hat on, your children want to go out and enjoy it. It’s only natural! And while parents everywhere love nothing more than seeing their kids getting out in the fresh air, it does raise the question of sun protection. 

Blue Lizard has created sunscreen for kids that provides complete head-to-toe protection against the sun, so you can let them enjoy the sunshine without the worry of sunburn. Not only that, but it’s mineral-based sunscreen, so it’s about as gentle to the skin as it gets!

Ideal for Sensitive Skin

When using their mineral-based SPF 30+ sunscreen for kids, you’re protecting your kids from 97% of the harmful rays that lead to sunburn. It’s also a sunscreen for kids that contains no fragrances or parabens.

Blue Lizard mineral-based sunscreen for your little ones is water-resistant too, because they also understand just how enjoyable splashing around in the pool or the sea is when it’s hot. On top of all this, all of the mineral-based sunscreen they offer is created from Zinc Oxide for broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Their Kids sunscreen combines mineral and chemical UV filters for double-action protection against UV rays. Mineral sunscreen sits on the surface of the skin to provide an effective barrier against the sun’s rays, while the chemical sunscreen ingredient Octocrylene converts UV rays into heat, dispelling them from your child’s body.

Making Sun Protection Fun!

Staying protected from the sun is something we all have to do throughout our lives, which is why teaching your children about the importance of it when they’re young is so important. One of the best ways to teach young children anything is by making it fun and our unique mineral-based sunscreen smart bottles and smart caps make it easy to create a game out of it.

Their Smart Cap and Smart bottle technology makes the cap or bottle change color to blue when exposed to UV light. Simply place your bottle or tube of mineral-based sunscreen in direct sunlight and involve your children in keeping an eye on it changing color. If the bottle turns blue, they’ll know they need to put on sunscreen!

Sunscreen that’s Safe for Kids and the Reef

Blue Lizard Sunscreen for Kids is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to provide their children with sun protection that has both your family and the ocean in mind. It’s also a way to protect the environment for future generations as our products contain no oxybenzone or octinoxate – two chemicals believed to cause coral reef bleaching. Simply put, mineral-based sunscreen is just better. Better for you and better for the planet.

Know more about the complete range of dermatologist-recommended mineral-based sunscreens. You’ll find an entire range of sunscreen sticks and sunscreen for kids, adults and those with sensitive skin.

Thank you so much for reading our blog. Check back with us soon for more from the home of mineral-based sunscreen. Until then, we hope you and your family have lots of (safe) fun in the sun!

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