Guide You Need to Know about Black Gold Diamond Ring

Several pieces of jewelry are available across the globe today; if you are looking for jewelry, you have a wide array of options. One of the jewelry options that you can find is black gold jewelry. Several myths come in when you see the term black gold.

Demystifying the myths can be a hard task if you don’t know much about the jewelry setting. There are several jewelry components, like where it comes from and where you can buy it. These questions and more can be answered when by reading below.

Also, you will get to find out more about all there is to know about black gold diamond rings.

What’s Black Gold Jewelry?

The first thing you need to figure out before settling on what black gold diamond ring is to figure out black gold jewelry. This type of jewelry consists of yellow gold and other dark-colored alloys, which blackens the gold.

There are some instances when the gold is blackened using various surface treatment methods. You can’t find black gold anywhere naturally. There’s always a process involved when you want to get black gold.

Some of the processes that are involved in the creation of black gold are below.

One of the ways that black diamond rings come to be is through electroplating. The use of Rhodium is the central concept here and is widely used to process black gold. The blackness of the metal comes from plating rhodium or, in some cases, ruthenium.

When this process creates black gold, the gold is usually eye-catching than the other modes. There’s a drawback to this type of gold, though; it wears off faster than the other methods. Despite that, it gives the jewelry the dazzling and perfect finish, and the diamond cocktail ring will stun you. 

Laser has come a long way, and today, it is in use in several aspects. One of them is the processing of black gold. Over time, scientists realized that when you apply high levels of energy to a spot of metal, it blackens. This happens when microstructure occurs and captures all light falling in it.

This needs a lot of energy levels/ electricity to apply fully. It will use a femtosecond laser if it is to work well and blacken jewelry. Due to the expense involved, it isn’t much in use, but a few have used it to blacken gold.

Here, they mix several metals –act as the base for the jewelry. This will then go on to create a dazzling black gold combination. The idea here is quite simple, for every 1 part ratio of the mixed metal – 3 parts of gold.

With this method, you can create different colors of gold – black gold, rose gold, etc. black gold diamond rings are usually smelted with these processes. That’s why they are always all shiny and attractive.

How much is It Worth?

Now, to the question that must have been burning a hole through your head by now. How much is black gold actually worth? When you figure out how much it is worth on its own, you will have a rough idea of how much it will set you back for black diamond rings if you’re looking for an engagement ring.

First, black gold is simply a mixture of yellow gold and other black metals. Its value is the same as that of yellow gold. When shopping for black diamond gold rings, don’t expect them to be much higher. The price depends on the amount of gold was used to make the black gold.

The gold is valued separately when you are buying black gold – the other metals used also have to come into the final price. That means a lower Karat black gold jewelry will cost less than a higher karat one. When there are other embellishments like diamonds, the price will go higher.

 As you have seen above, a black gold diamond ring will set you back much more than a simple black gold ring. Even if you are looking at diamond promise rings.  If you opt to add more gemstones to the jewelry, the price will only go higher.

History of the Black Gold

Initially, you would have thought that black gold is an expression of illegal gold if you didn’t get the concept. The idea of black gold is as straight as it can get. A little bit of history can help you better understand it.

Black gold has been in existence ever since the early 19th century. It didn’t get as much recognition back then, though. Some reports claim it didn’t exist by then; its truth is pretty hard to trace.

How to Rock Black Gold

Over the years, though, the popularity of black gold has risen, and today it is almost if not as famous as white gold and rose gold. The thing that may disappoint you about this piece of jewelry is the level of attention it requires.

You can start your search for black gold jewelry with some small pieces. These can be easy to maintain, unlike the larger pieces, which will require more attention. You can start with pendants and earrings to test the water of black gold.

If you go black gold diamond rings, you need to ensure the stone you have there is clear enough. When the stone is clear, it will magnify the jewelry and improve the intensity of the ring. The black gold can hide the gem placed on it if it isn’t clear and bright enough to stand out.

The rings are also a good idea when you are looking to give your special person a promise ring. It can carry less weight than the other types of promise diamond rings you can find in the market. You won’t have to worry about misinterpretation when you give this ring.


Black gold isn’t a new concept added to the gold status – it is something that has been in existence for a while. If there was some confusion about the idea, you could now rest easy after finding out where it comes from. Price range and you can wear it are also explained.

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