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Guide to Cartier Tank Models

1) Cartier tank Louis

This model was first launched in 1922. As the name suggests, this model was a Cartier tank timepiece chosen by Louis Cartier. This Tank has been considered quintessential given that it has set standards for all the designs that came after. Cartier tank Louis is one of a kind and is loved for its refined proportions, the rectangular case and dial, and the brancards running along both sides of the case.

2) Cartier tank Guichet and Obus

These Cartier tank models were launched in the same decade. Although they are an unusual selection, they still are refined and pleasant to wear. Cartier tank Obus was introduced in 1923 and features a square case, bullet lugs, and a dial with Roman and Arabic numerals. Cartier tank Guichet was then launched in 1928, a tank that had two windows showing the hour and minutes. The last time this Tank was produced was in 2005.

3) Cartier tank Americaine

This Cartier tank model is called Americaine because the designers created it with the American culture in mind. The designers ended up with a Cartier tank that has a long and curved tank. It is more similar to the 1920 tank Cintree but this time with a more pronounced curve. The curve is meant to fit perfectly to the wrist. The versions that came earlier under this model were created with precious materials such as white gold, yellow, rose, and platinum. During the Cartier tank 100th anniversary, a stainless steel version of this Cartier tank was introduced.

4) Cartier tank francaise

The Cartier tank Francaise model brought some class and modernity to the Cartier tank designs. The watch is more of a sporty design. Inspired by military Renault tanks, the designers produced a tank with a chain-like bracelet on the sides. Also, the Tank has sharp edges and straight lines compared to the tank models that came earlier.

5) Anglaise

This Cartier tank is among the latest tanks of tank watches. The tanks come with men’s and women’s designs. The designers made two pronounced changes with this Cartier tank: the curved case and the table cut stone integration. The curve is far different from the rectilinear shape in the original Tank, giving the Tank a soft look. Also, the previous designs had a cabochon and are now replaced with a table cut stone. Most importantly, the fact that this Cartier tank has its crown enclosed inside the bezel makes them novel, and not for tanks but all watches.

6) Cartier Tank MC

This Tank was designed and launched to help those who prefer larger watches. It was launched in 2013, and since then, it has maintained its iconic and masculine design. The watch’s display allows for a date and seconds feature to be included.


Cartier tank is among the top watch brands and has created many elegant models. The Tank offers the consumers, men, and women perfect fitting watches to wear in different functions.

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