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Contactless payment from a smartphone is convenient: just touch the phone to the terminal and the money will go to the seller. We reviewed three contactless payment applications: we figured out their features, how they influenced the market and which one is better to use.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are applications for contactless payments for goods and services in stores equipped with banking terminals . Google Pay , formerly known as Android Pay, is suitable for smartphones with the Android operating system. Apple Pay  for iOS devices.

Let’s compare: Google Pay and Apple Pay

In general, the applications are similar. Apple Pay and Google Pay allow you to link several bank cards and loyalty cards to use them for payment. All three are safe – they transmit data using a secure protocol. They support payment not only through the terminal, but also in online stores and through the terminal without an Internet connection. A smartphone with any application can be simply brought to the terminal, and if the amount exceeds 1000 $ confirm the purchase with a fingerprint, PIN, pattern or face scan.

Read about the differences below.


Google Pay. On the main page, you can see the lists of the latest transactions and available cards. The latter are displayed only with the front side. You can’t look at the back, but you can see all the content on them by scrolling. For example, in the description of loyalty cards, you can see useful links and shop hours. The central image can be animated:

Apple Pay. The main page also displays lists of transactions and available cards. Double-sided cards:

On the front are the company logo, image, discount percentages, balance, special offers

Behind – phone numbers, links and email

In the settings of the card, you can completely change its color – for example, to design the interface to your liking or to quickly select a payment method without reading the name.


Google Pay. Works with new bank cards from Visa and MasterCard and with loyalty cards – a total of 97 supported payment methods . The number of connected cards is not limited.

Apple Pay. Works with bank cards and loyalty cards, allows you to connect up to 8 pieces. The service cooperates with 90 banks .

Supported Devices

Google Pay:

  • Smartphones with Android 5.0 and higher operating system
  • Android Wear watch

Apple Pay:

  • iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and newer smartphone models
  • Apple Watch all versions
  • iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro – for online shopping

Supported countries

Google Pay. The application can be used in more than 20 countries. The list is constantly expanding. Furthermore, people can buy bitcoin with google wallet using crypto exchanges available in their county or residence. 

Apple Pay. Has the widest geography – works with 46 countries . It can work in other countries, if you link the card of one of the partner banks to the application .

What to choose: Google Pay or Apple Pay 

Which is better – “”Google Pei”or “Apple Pei” – depends on your needs. Choose an application based on the brand of your smartphone, the maps used and the parameters you need:

If you bought an iPhone, you will have to use Apple Pay, you cannot install other applications on Apple devices.

If you use more than 10-15 cards – choose Google Pay, in other applications you will not be able to link so many payment methods .

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