Good Oral Hygiene Begins & Ends With You

We are told by our parents from a very young age to take care of our teeth and to brush them regularly. When we were young, this was something that we hated to do and we would take every opportunity to avoid it if at all possible. Now that we are adults, we understand the importance of daily brushing and flossing because we know that the teeth that we currently have are our last ones. We brush our teeth because it helps to reduce tartar and plaque which stops gum disease taking place. If we brush our teeth on a regular basis then we can hopefully avoid cavities and we will have a much wider and nicer smile.

Many people do not know that brushing your teeth can reduce your chances of heart disease and other infections that occur because of poor oral hygiene. If you haven’t been to a dentist in a while, then maybe visit McMahons Point Dental Clinic in Darlinghurst for a checkup and see what’s going on inside your mouth. There are other advantages that exist outside your mouth for brushing your teeth and you’re going to learn a little bit about them here.

It helps with weight loss – We all know how food and drinks taste after we have brushed our teeth, and they don’t taste as good as they should. This is one of the benefits of brushing your teeth regularly throughout the day because it put you off eating snacks between meals and you’re more likely to skip them. This means that your teeth are protected for longer and you’re not consuming extra calories that are going to make your waistline much bigger. When you brush your teeth, it’s kind of leading your brain know that you have it already and so you might not have the urge to eat again. You also get to avoid needed fillings for your teeth.

A better sex life – You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who say that they don’t want to engage in sexual relations with their partner because their breath smells. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly enough, it can cause a buildup of plaque and this same plaque goes into your bloodstream. Many men who suffered from erectile dysfunction also suffered from gum disease and so the two are related. The plaque that and if your bloodstream can cause the blood vessels in your penis to narrow and so it isn’t getting the normal blood that it needs for a normal erection. To get a better idea of dental and health issues, have a look here.

Your health with regard to your body and that includes your mouth, rests with you and it’s only you who can make the changes. If you haven’t been to see your dentist in a while, make an appointment and find out if everything is okay in there. If it isn’t, the issues can be addressed by your dentist and you will be back on the road to recovery when it comes to oral hygiene.

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Last modified: June 24, 2021

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