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The days where you would spend hours trying to get your inflatable paddle board set up and ready are over. Modern paddle boards take less than 10 minutes to be fully set up, giving you more time to do what you want, which is being in the water. Some paddle boards come with all of the necessary tools, but if they do not, the main thing you need is a hand pump and then a super bolt, a fin, a leash, and the actual paddle board that is to be used. Make sure you have all you need before you go paddle boarding, you would not like to get there and realize you are missing an important component. Since inflatable paddle boards are stored by rolling them in a bag, the first logical thing to do is take them out of the bag, unroll them, and then connect it to the pump and inflate it. The pump should have a gauge that shows you the pressure, with that, a 7 psi of air is about enough for the board to be usable, but it is recommended to use it between 12 and 15 psi.

Make sure you close the valve of the board and inspect for any air leaks.

You would not want to find yourself in the water with a paddle board that is deflating. The next step is installing the fin and for that to be accomplished all you have to do is take the super bolt and screw the small plate onto the screw until you cannot screw it anymore, placing the screw with the plate at the bottom into the space designed for the fin in a way that the bolt thread is pointed upward. Fit the fin into the designed fin space together with the bold and fasten the nut to the bolt securing everything in place. Optionally, attach the leash through the metal d-ring at the board’s tail and loop the leas tie through it. Use the Velcro strip and loop it through the leash tie, the other end of the leash goes to your ankle once you are on the board.

The second part of paddle boarding is the paddle.

This component also must be put together since it comes apart for easier storage, but it will take a lot less time to assemble than setting up the paddle board. For the three-piece travel paddle, it only takes two steps to make it usable. The first step is to open the clamp and slide the middle shaft into the blade piece until the metal pin is in place and then close the clamp. The handle piece assembles the same way, place it into the middle shaft and then clamp it to secure it. Sometimes the handle continues to slide upwards when the clamp is closed. That means that the screws on the clamp need to be tightened.

Paddle boarding alone can suck.

 A lot of things make water navigation exciting such as the experience of an adventure surrounded by nature, a chance to push our limits and boundaries but some things keep us from enjoying paddle boarding. Sometimes we have to choose between spending time with friends or family instead of going away to escape the water, but why not do both? Spend time with friends and family on the water. You can go paddle boarding with your kids, you can go on a date paddle boarding, and even take your dog if you wish to. You might have to make some adjustments if you are used to endurance paddle boarding, but the people you want to bring with you are not that experienced. On top of that, your friends might be afraid of making a fool of them because they have no experience or maybe they are just too old for it. We can always observe couples and families doing it, so your friends and family should give it a shot and try it themselves.

All might sound fun, but a lot of people are concerned with the cost of owning a paddle board.

A paddle board’s prices can go very high, as high as two or three thousand dollars. But BOTE boards are known for their innovation and quality, and they these at a very large range of prices. No matter what you choose, you will be happy with the quality build of these boards. BOTE recommends their most versatile boards, the Flood and HD that can work for anyone regardless of their skill level. These can accommodate anyone who is into leisure paddling and even those that use paddle boards for Stand Up paddling yoga. The Aero version is the next premium option and offers a higher convenience when storing or traveling, but solid boards will always be the highest for performance. The cheapest board starts at $650 with premium options that go all the way up to $1800, but when you buy a BOTE paddle board, you get to enjoy it for the rest of your life. Padding is all about having fun, getting exercise, being outside, and discovering nature. The price should not be a concern because BOTE offers a financing option that starts as low as $55 a month. So why not involve more people in fun of it?

Good times are meant to be shared.

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