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The Evening Standard claims the shock advice was given to staff at a training day. Speaking to the paper one attendee said: “When we heard that there was going to be a new strategy in the final weeks I had no idea ‘lose, but don’t cry about it’ was what they had in mind.”

Britons will go to the polls next Thursday in what could be the most important General Election for a generation.

Boris Johnson called the vote to ensure his EU withdrawal agreement can pass Parliament un-amended.

He has pledged to complete the Brexit process if reelected on December 12.

However Labour has promised to hold a second referendum on Britain’s EU membership if they win the election.

This would have remaining in the EU as one of the options, against a new Brexit deal Jeremy Corbyn would negotiate with Brussels.

Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats have vowed to keep Britain in the EU without another referendum if they win a Parliamentary majority.

Meanwhile Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is campaigning for a no deal EU exit on WTO terms.

However on Thursday three Brexit Party MEPs quit the party, joining another who was suspended the night before, and urged ‘Leave’ voters to back the Tories.

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He stated: “A failure of leadership is when you use racist remarks to describe people from different countries or in our society.

“I hope that the prime minister understands the hurt that people feel when they hear remarks and articles he has written.

“I hope he will regret those and understand the importance of using respectful language towards people of all faiths and religions and languages in what is a multicultural society.”

Both Labour and the Conservatives have repeatedly denied accusations of institutionalised racism.

Last month Britain’s Chief Rabbi made a rare public intervention into politics when he accused Mr Corbyn of failing to root out racism within the Labour Party.

Writing in The Times Chief Rabbi Mirvis said: “The Jewish community has watched with incredulity as supporters of the Labour leadership have hounded parliamentarians, members and even staff out of the party for challenging anti-Jewish racism.

“Even as they received threats, the response of the Labour leadership was utterly inadequate.

“When December 12 arrives, I ask every person to vote with their conscience.

“Be in no doubt, the very soul of our nation is at stake.”

Britain’s last General Election, in June 2017, saw then Prime Minister Theresa May lose the Conservatives parliamentary majority.

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