After the Pandemic, Number of virtual events has increased even when things are getting normal. Organizers grow with the flow of the event industry.

There are ample virtual event ideas available which will help in organizing a unique virtual event. But it gets quite difficult to keep your audience engaged when your event is organized online. With holding the primary purpose of your event, the event organizer equally needs to hold the attention of attendees. 

Here is the list of fun virtual/online event engagement ideas:


Virtual platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft team and others give you liberty of sharing screens and running other apps together. Multiple online game options are available. Games can be a small event of 15 minutes, long event of an hour or it can also be an event for a week.

For small events you can organize spontaneous challenges like, making a house of cards, or blowing popcorn from a straw.

If you are organizing an online campaign which is going to last longer than a day then introduce leader board in your games ideas. The one with the highest score at the end of the event will win a prize.


Quiz competitions are always audience engaging. Quiz competitions are easy to organize. Question sets are already available on various online platforms. Refresh the mind of attendees with 10-20 minutes of quiz session to have their attention to the fullest.

Make a set of questions, divide your audience in groups and make teams. This will not only help in audience engagement but it will increase networking and team build among the audience.

COMEDY- Keep the humor alive

Generally, humor is not taken into consideration while preparing the speeches. Humor has the utmost power to seek attendees’ attention. During your speech or lectures, keep making jokes. Make your audience smile and laugh. It is the simplest way to keep distraction at bay.

If you are not able to make humorous jokes yourself, then hire entertainment. Hire a person for a small session and keep the spirits of the audience up.


Everyone has a pencil and a notebook at home. Give your audience art challenges. Ask them to make a sketch or a drawing or to just draw a flower under a 2 minute challenge. If there is no material available, then ask them to use the digital platforms for art challenge


We all love music. Music is another amazing way to connect to your audience. Arrange a small concert for your attendees. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a famous singer. You can also ask any of your attendees to sing or you can sing. Singing can be immersive even if it is virtual. 

Virtual events require less money and effort and provide global reach to your event business. Event organizers should explore virtual event ideas in their genre to get business growth.

There are ample audience engagement options available to create fun and successful online events. All you need is to take the support of the right methods. 

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