Fun Exercise for Kids: Everything You Need to Know

We know it can be difficult to get kids to do anything, let alone something that is good for them. That’s why we’ve put this list of fun exercises for kids together.

This list can inspire moms, dads, and their children to get in a little physical activity in a way that is fun and doesn’t feel like exercise.

Keep reading to learn how to inspire your child to move more and have fun while doing it!

Freeze Dance

What’s better than a dance party? Dancing is at the top of our list of fun exercise games for kids because it can be done indoors or outdoors.

To make it even more fun, challenge your kids to freeze in action when the music stops. Kids will laugh and have fun holding silly positions, which become strength exercises for kids as they hold their muscles tight and squeeze the position.

Hallway Bowling

Next on our list of exercises for kids is indoor bowling. Take ten empty two-liter bottles and fill them with water. Then plans the two liters at the end of a hallway in the shape of V like bowling pins.

Then use any ball and let your kids knock down the pins. Kids love this fun indoor or outdoor activity. When it is raining, this is one of those exercises for kids to do at home.

Take Dance Lessons

Some kids enjoy dance and like to take lessons. Taking dance lessons is a great way to get your little ones off the couch. Who knows? They might just have a future career as a prima ballerina or tap dancer.

Dancing is a cardio exercise that requires hand-eye coordination and can teach children life lessons such as teamwork and discipline.


There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes you just have to go back to a classic: hopscotch.

This is one of those fun exercises to do at home that has lasted throughout the ages. Simply take some sidewalk chalk or masking tape and map out your hopscotch course on the sidewalk outside your home.

Number the squares 1-10, and then take turns with your children jumping through the course. It’s quite possible that neighborhood kids will see your kids having fun and want in on the action as well.

Popcorn Pushups

Last on our list is workouts for kid athletes: popcorn pushups. First, pop some popcorn. Place the popcorn in a bowl as you have your child get into the pushup position.

Then each time the child comes down to do a pushup, challenge them to grab one piece of popcorn in their mouth at the same time.

Your children will have fun trying to complete both tasks and get stronger at the same time.

Fun Exercises for Kids

There are many different fun exercises for kids. You just have to use your imagination a little bit to discover them. Take this list of our favorite fun exercises for kids and see if your children enjoy any of these playful exercises.

A little exercise helps your child develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime. If you enjoyed this article, read more of our lifestyle articles.

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