Four best tips for choosing the right planter for your plant

Planters are the best option for growing your small and beautiful plants in any place in your home, like a garden, patio and other interior and exterior places in your home. Decorating your home with plants is the best feeling that you won’t get in anything. Many people use grc planters for decorating their home. GRC – glass-reinforced concrete planters are preferred by almost all the architects and developers in Australia. Planters come in different shapes, material and sizes. So many people think that it is not easy to choose the perfect planter for their plants. Here are the best tips for choosing the right planter for your plant. 

Know before you grow

When choosing a planter, it is important to think about the type of plants you want to grow because every plant has different needs. Considering the plant type you want to grow will help you to choose the size of the planter you need to purchase. In addition, you need to notice the amount of water, especially for beginners, carefully. Remember that the bigger the container is, the higher chance you will drown and overwater your plant. While watering your plant, ensure that the soil is soaked, then drain the excess water to avoid root rot. 

Think about sunlight

You have to know whether your plant needs sunlight or not and the amount of sunlight it needs. You have to ensure you choose the right planter for the job and research if your plant is exposed to a lot of sunlight. If your plant soil tends to dry out faster, you need to choose the non-porous material. 

Does your planter need drainage?

A drainage hole is very important for all types of the plant so make sure you have a drainage hole in your planter. If not, make sure that you can drill one in it. To avoid overwatering your plant, you should not pour more than 1/3 of the planter’s size. If there is any excess water, a drainage hole will help to remove it. So before buying the planter, enquire about the drainage and research about the plant that you want to grow. Every plant requires a different amount of water, so it will be helpful for you to choose the right size of the hole. 

Consider the planter weight 

If you are the person who likes to switch things up, then for sure you will need to move your planter from one place to another. If you are super strong, then it is great enough. But it is advisable to choose the planter with a lighter weight. In case if you are looking for a large planter, it is best to choose the best spot in your home where you don’t have to move it often. Before getting your planter, you need to fix the best place for it. 

Wrapping up

A glass reinforced concrete planter is one of the best and widely used planters across Australia. This is because GRC planters have many advantages like durability, strength, environmentally friendly, versatility etc. 

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Last modified: June 28, 2021

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