Foot and Ankle Injuries in Kids Who Skateboard & Scooter

Most of our 10 years old children love to have a scooter or skateboard, so he can “Ride the rails” or “Catch some air” like his fellows. But parents don’t deem it safe. They concern about their children. Because riding the scooter & skateboard without a helmet, knees protector or good quality high ankle shoes can be dangerous. Mostly children get serious injuries while catching the air on ramp, because they don’t wear the helmet and other safety gadgets.

 Now different types of skateboards and scooter are available in markets, some skateboards & scooters are manual simple and some are some are electric Skateboards which are also called Motorized Longboard. Before using Skateboards and scooters kids should wear safety gears like helmets, and they must follow the road rules. Today we will tell you about some common and some serious injuries in kids who skateboard & scooter.

Injuries in kids who skateboard and scooter

Here are some common injuries according to the American College of foot and Ankle Surgeons, and some serious injuries which we observe from our environment.

Heel pain & planter fascia

Incessantly pushing down on the board and come down by putting strain on your feet can cause swelling of planter fascia. It also can cause of your heels pain.

Bone pain

It can cause your bones pain; because of pressure on bones can cause pain because when it rubs against other bones tendons and nerves, then pain produce.

Factures and sprains

Facture and sprains are very common during skateboarding and scooting. As parents concerns about their kids and they can’t see them in pain, when their kids get injure they try to give them best medical treatment. 

Cuts and scratches

Don’t ignore the minor injuries as they can cause major problems. Don’t neglect in your kids matter, took you kid to a physician and examine him and give him full treatment for infection.

Large bruise

Large bruise look like big wound that also swells due to inflammation. Parents should bring their injured kid to the doctor for his wound treatment to prevent the big problem.

Head injuries

Skating and scooting carelessly can cause head injuries, this is really serious matter. Death can happen by brain injury. Parents are afraid of concussion. So advise your kids to use Motorized Longboard and scooters carefully.

Backbone injuries

If you happen by an accident during skating and scooting, it can damage or cause swelling of your Achilles tendons. Achilles tendons are larger tendons in your body whose give strength to your body for moving and playing.

Food and ankle sprains

Mostly skateboard and scooter injuries are food and ankle sprains. For healing your sprains stop your all playing activities and use RICE therapy. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. It can reduce your pain and heal your factures and sprains.

Safety tips preventing injuries

If you follow the following safety tips then you can prevent accidents and injuries up to 60%.

Use helmet

Wear helmet before riding Motorized Longboard and scooter. It will protect you from head injuries. Never use skateboards and scooters without helmets.

Wear high ankle supportive shoes

Use proper high ankle supportive shoes. It will protect you anklets from cuts and abrasions. Never ride skateboards or scooters with open toes.

 Use knees protectors

Wear knees protectors when you catching the air on ramp. It will protect your knees from bruises.

Parental supervision              

Always use skateboards & scooters in your parent supervision.

Avoid crowded areas

If you are a beginner in skating & scooting then avoid crowded areas, downhill and slippery surfaces.

Never ride at night

Never ride at night it can be more dangerous as compare to day time.

Follow the road rules

Don’t break the road rules while using Motorized Longboard, it is beneficial for you.  

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Last modified: November 3, 2021

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