Fitness Superfoods: Recipe for Wellness

In busy everyday life, seldom does one have the luxury to enjoy a hearty meal. At the same time, health is a virtue that one cannot compromise. Health and fitness come through a balanced lifestyle, peaceful mental state, and fresh food. At some point in one’s busy schedule, everybody dreams of fresh, healthy food. But cooking is often time-consuming and drains one’s energy. Several reports state that the suburbs of Sydney have the highest rate of obesity in children in Australia. Over 75 per cent of Sydneysiders have reported that their lives are often sedentary. With an increase in health awareness, more people have started to seek out meal delivery Sydney services. Here are some drool-worthy meals that one can order from diet food delivery services without any guilt! 

Scrambled eggs

A scrambled egg meal is an ideal way to start one’s day. These are high in protein and have a low amount of calories. When on a diet, eggs are a superfood that will give a kickstart to an active day. Similarly, the healthy fat in eggs also keeps cravings at bay. Scrambled eggs contain several amino acids that the body cannot secrete on its own. Consuming a high protein egg white breakfast topped with mushrooms, bell peppers, and a reasonable serving of cheese can effectively speed up body metabolism. 

Low carb chicken

For keto enthusiasts, a low carb chicken meal is the most wholesome lunch. Many people have the misconception that boiled chicken is better than grilled chicken. But for keto practitioners, grilled chicken offers increased health benefits than boiled or fried chicken. The reason behind this is that chicken has zero carbohydrate content. But the chicken thigh is high in natural, healthy fats. It can align well with the goals of a keto diet. One can try adding a parmesan twist to the recipe to add some carbs to a meal. 

Feta chicken meal

Any feta-topped meal is healthy for weight loss programmes like keto or intermittent fasting. Feta is a type of cheese with one of the lowest amounts of carbohydrates and fat. Along with mozzarella, it is ideal for those who enjoy a decadent meal with no guilt involved! While making sandwiches, salads, or even fancy dinners, replacing cheddar or swiss cheese with feta can visibly improve one’s health. It is rich in riboflavin, a B type vitamin central to converting carbohydrates into glucose. Feta also contains a high amount of calcium, thus strengthening bones while actively losing body fat. 

Mongolian beef and brown rice

Ending the day with a hearty cup of brown rice and lean cut Mongolian beef can be truly blissful. Lean-cut red meat such as beef has proven to have a high amount of protein. Protein aids in weight loss by providing a content feeling. It also helps in avoiding cravings. While choosing Mongolian beef, one can request a side of leafy vegetables to go with the food. Similarly, opting for brown rice instead of white rice can increase fibre content in the meal. Brown rice is a low-glycemic food and therefore releases sugar in the blood at a lower rate than foods with a high glycemic index.  

Mindful eating

The key to weight loss is watching what one consumes for every meal. Many people are unable to identify the ideal meal plan for their bodies. Subsequently, their bodies fail to get essential nutrients. Meal delivery Sydney can provide various diet plans. These can efficiently equip one’s body for a journey towards fitness, health, and wellness. While exercise is essential for fitness, pairing workouts with appropriate food intake is also indispensable. 

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Last modified: November 3, 2021

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