FinuTrade Review – Is This Broker Trustworthy?

FinuTrade Review

FinuTrade is an online brokerage services provider which has attracted an overwhelming number of traders. If you are inquisitive to know why traders are captivated by this broker, you need to read this FinuTrade review completely to know the answer.

FinuTrade is basically a project of FinuTrade Holding Ltd, which is based in the Caribbean Island Saint Vincent. It is a platform that provides access to 3000+ financial markets, and you can join any of them to trade profitably. In these markets, you can trade Stocks, Foreign currencies, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a look at the details of trading instruments in which almost 200 assets are listed.

Trading Instruments

In the stock market, you will be able to buy and sell shares of all world-famous and reputed companies which FinuTrade has added to the list, such as Amazon, Uber, Tesla and Boeing. But if you are more interested in the Forex market, then it will allow you to dive into this $5 trillion market as well. You will be allowed to trade all the major and minor currency pairs on this platform. 

If you are more interested in the traditional market, then you can trade in the oldest market (commodities) as well. You will be given both types of commodities to trade: soft and hard. But if you want to take a slight risk to aim higher, then you should definitely go for the cryptocurrency market. This market is considered the most lucrative one, but it is highly volatile as well. Some most renowned digital currencies which are available on FinuTrade are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.

Registration And Account Types

After selecting the broker and a trading instrument, you will have to register yourself with a broker. The registration process on this platform is kept short and simple. This is done because newbies also come to join the platform, and they may not be able to register if the registration process is complex. It has no prerequisites, and just basic personal information is asked from the traders. After filling the form, traders are asked to choose an account type of their own liking. FinuTrade provides a total of four trading accounts, and each account has its own specialities. The accounts are Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. 

Marvellous Trading Platform

The trading platform is considered the backbone of a brokerage platform. When you start working with FinuTrade, you will realize that it has put a lot of effort into its trading platform. It is based on the MetaTrader4 concept, which runs smoothly without creating any lag for customers. It is user friendly and loaded with all the modern features available nowadays. Some of its impressive features include graphs, trading signals, indicators, economic calendar, market news and expert analysis. 

Another important advantage of this trading platform is that it can be used on mobiles as well with the same productivity. Mobile applications are available for both Android and iOS.

Security And Customer Support

Apart from the trading process itself, two major factors which must not be compromised are security and customer care. Security is important because traders invest their life savings in trading, which is why it becomes the responsibility of the broker to ensure his safety. Secondly, the personal information of traders is no less important than money. For the safety of money, FinuTrade uses encryption technology and makes it impossible for criminals to decode. 

For the safety of money, it makes sure that no criminal registers himself on the platform. It has implemented KYC and AML policies that require the traders to produce documented proofs of their identity and bank account.

When it came to providing quality customer support service, FinuTrade did a good job once again. It has hired professional call centre agents who remain available 24/7 along with expert traders to provide proper and timely assistance to their clients.


With the help of all these features, FinuTrade has proved itself as a reliable broker. Its trading conditions are competitive and help to maximize profits without having to pay high fees. This amazing broker deserves a chance.

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