Factors you should consider to choose best Marine Radar

Nowadays, we have several options while choosing a marine radar for boats due to technological advancement. It depicts that you should choose your marine radar wisely according to your boat size. You also need to find the radar with the best navigation functionality.  If you are looking for the best radar having perfect compatibility with your vessel, you should look for Garmin Radar collection for your boat. 

People often think that only boats used in long-run shipping and trading activities are equipped with radar for safety purposes. But it is just a misconception. The reality is that every boat must have a radar to increase the trips’ safety by improving visibility and navigation. Are you confused about selecting the radar? There is no need to worry if you don’t know whether the digital marine radar is ideal for your boat or a broadband marine radar. Keeping in view your queries, we will discuss the things and factors every marine radar must need for better boating. 

Factors you should consider to choose best Marine Radar

Here are some factors that you need to consider while choosing a marine radar for your boat:

1- Remote Wi-Fi Operation

One of the main factors you must consider for your boat radars’ navigation is a Wi-Fi operation. You will be able to view and control all the radar features over the display screen if you have Wi-Fi in your boat. It depicts that there is a need for a remote Wi-Fi system to operate radar, fishfinder, and GPS. The fascinating thing is everything can be done through your tablet or smartphone. Yes! These devices can also operate remote Wi-Fi for your marine radar during your boating trip. 

2- Appropriate Range Scale

Before choosing a boating radar, check the circumstances and normal environmental conditions in which you have to boat. It’s because the range scale depends upon these factors. You know what one radar is kept on a longer range scale to get advance alerts when other boats approach your boat. At the same time, the other radar is ideal for small range detections. Furthermore, long ranges are used in proximity to the coastline in the high traffic density. For adjusting the range, you can use the select range keyboard. Range increases by pressing the “+” icon and decreases while pressing the “-” icon. 

3- Color Sensitive Targets

All those boaters who are looking for radar with Doppler capability must need a color-sensitive echo-producing radar. You will be amazed to know that such radars blink different colors depending upon the threat. Besides that, the blinking of color after detecting danger boosts up your boat’s safety. Because of this, the green color blinks up in an indication of stationary objects, while the red color blinks up in case of boats or vessels moving toward you. So, instead of evaluating whether your target is stationary or moving, you should look for color-sensitive radars. 


No matter which radar you are looking for, sensitivity is the main thing you should observe. If you are looking for a radar having adjustable sensitivity, it must have a Gain feature. While making adjustments, make sure that the background noise is only visible on your display screen. In other words, your radar will miss weak echoes when Gain is set low. Simultaneously, it will produce a massive background noise if it’s equipped with high sensitivity by keeping Gain high. Moreover, echoes coming on the same bearing from two different targets usually appear as a single point on the screen. 

5- Preset Control Settings

Almost every boating radar comes with the novel preset control setting feature. This setting is usually used in the automated provision of optimal images for boating. While buying the radar for marine installation, make sure that its settings are adjustable for local and harbor modes. Through the preset control settings, a boater can preset modes depending upon the situation. For instance, you can turn on fishing mode if you are going on a recreational boating trip. Along with this mode, these settings have modes for weather cell spotting, local and harbor, as well as open water and long distances mode. 

6- Target Trails

In the hustle and bustle of life, we all need a reliable accessing radar. For this purpose, you need to make sure the target rails presences. These are actually assistance providers to the radar for making accurate situation assessments. The trails work upon the Doppler effect because there is the involvement of relative or true motion. When it comes to relative trails, you will be able to observe relative motion between your target and ship. Generally, true trails are manifestations of true targeted movement with respect to over speed, while relative trails indicate the higher risk of collisions. 

7- Dual Split Screen

Another important factor that is worth noticing while purchasing a boat radar is its display screen. Because of the display screen, some radars usually offer side-by-side views of short and long-distance ranges. On the contrary, some radars have dual split screens. People often wonder why there is a need for a dual split-screen. It is because two screens with the same range and preset modes can display information better. Furthermore, radar echo-return details cannot be observed in the presence of a single display. 

8- Bearing Measurement

Whenever it comes to measure or bear the targeted position, there is a need to use electronic bearing lines. Boaters should know that EBL is used to extend the ship’s position to other circumstances to display it over the screen. At the same time, there is a major risk of collision in case of the presence of constant electronic bearing lines. In short, the bearing measurement must have the flexibility to be extended for better safety and secure navigation. 

9- Resolution and Display Size

Another important factor that is necessary to monitor while choosing a radar is its resolution and display size. If you want to display the complete detailed picture of the radar’s surroundings, the display screen must be large. The large size display screen usually brings high-resolution images. Higher resolution means higher target visibility over the screen. There are various types of display resolution powers ranging from 640 X 480 to 1920 x 1200. When the screen’s display size is big with a high resolution, the radar will be more powerful. 

10- Quality Counts

The marine radar having high-quality counts is perfect for your boating. When the radars are equipped with higher specifications, they work for better identification. Besides the well-equipped identification, the radar is used to alert the small fiberglass boats, buoys, and other low-profile targets, hindrances. The obstructions that are often present at large distances can be missed when the radar performance is less. It depicts that the radar with high-quality counts is specific in performing the radar quality. Hence, whenever you opt for a radar installation in your boat, check its high specification through its quality counts. 

11- Of Centre Display

Of Center Display is a significant feature to visualize the shipping position. If your boat has a small-scale range, it can be expanded or displaced from the exact position by visualizing fields. Usually, radars need a high-profiled large range for displacing from the position, but this feature makes it possible for every range. In order to overtake your own vessel’s functionalities, you need to set its viewing range from at least one mile. For this, we suggest you place a cursor on the desired position for moving your boat and then select the OFF CENTRE icon from the keyboard. 

12- Adjustable SEA Clutter

The adjustable sea clutter is essential to improve visibility in the dark, fog, or stormy weather. People often ignore this feature by thinking that there is no need to improve visibility in the daytime. But the rain or sea clutter is important in the determination of targets. For instance, the target is able to be hidden under the clutter by setting the adjustable rain or sea at a very low point. 

Besides this, very high sea clutter can also cause the disappearance of targets from the radar’s display screen. Furthermore, radar can also detect and predict snow, rain, and hail, just like the targets. To adjust the A/C SEA and A/C RAIN, use the control button to adjust sea and rain clutter, respectively. Moreover, there is an option of using a scroll wheel to increase or decrease clutter by rotating it clockwise and anti-clockwise. 

Final Words

However, several other essential factors can guarantee to increase your radar’s functionality, but the factors mentioned above are a must. When these things are not present on your radar, you will definitely miss the real charm of navigating the boat. After considering all these points, we hope you will not face any difficulty while choosing the best marine radar. If you are looking for the best radars for your boat, you should check Garmin Marine Radar from Marine Tech Miami online store.

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