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There are some Taboo and mysteries about some topics in the world. Today we will disclose shocking details about one of such topics. Today we are going to talk about cannibalism and Zambian meat. As per the Zambian meat website, it is one of the most searched topics in the cyber world of Africa, England, Canada, and the United States of America. There was a highly horrifying incident happened related to Zambian meat cannibalism that shook the world. 

Do you know all these highly recommendable activities such as Zambian meats, murder case, torture, and meat cannibalism is full of mystery? 

With this article, we have brought you all the essential details about the bizarre incident and the Zambianmeat website that is trending on several social media platforms. 

Shocking preliminary findings 

As per the official reports, the german police have captured a former police officer for alleged charges of murder and destroying the body of an aged man of 60 years. As per the Zambian meat website too the man Detlev G was 55 years old psychopath. 

In the initial finding police found some crucial data from messages, chats, email, and other social media platforms between the murdered and the victim. This proves that there might be an intention of Zambian meat cannibalism. The killer and the person used to chat with each other on the Zambian meat website periodically. 

Linking evidence 

From the initial findings, there are some links we have carved out. For example, there is no clear motive stated by Detlev. The public was not given any kind of concrete findings information. Additionally, the website link for the mentioned Zambian meat website is not revealed. 

Two perspectives of the story of the Zambian meat Website

In our finding about the Zambian meat website, we found that there is a sufficient amount of evidence and perspective we would like to let you know. From one side we found the pieces of evidence about the zambianmeat website is that the accused and victim are very much fond of cannibalism. Additionally, he wanted to get himself eaten by the murderer. 

While on the other side, in the german police investigation it is found in the investigation of german police that Detlev doesn’t have any kind of personality disorder or any medical complications that he was prone to kill someone. 

Apphrension of Detlev 

As the accused Detlev was working at the forensics department of Saxony on a criminal investigation. On the day of 11 November, 2013 police officially arrested him. As the news of his arrest regarding Zambian meat cannibalism reached his friends and relatives, they went into shock. His ability to remain low-key during his life was astounding. 

Incident Timeline 

The incident of Zambian meat cannibalism related to Detlev become the most debated topic in the state. Here is the simplified timeline for you to understand. 

It started when both murderer and the victim met at a station in Dresden and sat to eat breakfast at a food joint. It is a place near to Czech border, it is speculated place of murder too. 

Then they moved to a guesthouse in the Ore Mountains. As per the official investigation report, he killed the victim after deep torture and later tried to disseminate his body by butchering it into pieces. After that, he buried his body in that garden only. It was all done in that guest house’s garden area. 

While asking Detlev, he answered he did this all in self-defense. He had to kill him because he wanted to attack him with a lethal knife by serving grievous injury to his flesh. 

Fiction about Zambian meat cannibalism

As per the official statements of the city police, “all of the incidents related to cannibalism of the victim came out as a rumor only”. In other words, Detlev did not confess that eating the victim’s flesh. And all the gossip and news related to Detlev and the victim was totally a fallacy rather than a fact. They also added that the cannibalistic website is the reason behind all these rumors and fake stories. 


On the date of 13th December 2016, the city judge found Detlev guilty of committing murder. Hope you liked our report on Zambian meat. Do share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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