Everything You Need to Know About Flipping a Mattress

Did you know that mattresses can last between seven to ten years? If you want to learn how to maintain your mattress, we can help. 

In this guide, we’ll go over tips on flipping a mattress. 

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Why Do People Flip Mattresses?

Rotating and flipping mattresses will boost the longevity of your mattress. You will also experience deeper sleep.

Sleeping on the same mattress surface for an extended period will cause an imprint on the mattress.

Rotate or flip the mattress. This way, you’ll prevent sagging because you’ll distribute the weight.

Try flipping double-sided innerspring mattresses. When you flip these types of mattresses, you will prevent the steel coils from wearing out. You won’t see any premature sagging in this mattress.

Read the Mattress Manual

Mattresses all get built differently and have unique maintenance directions. Not all models will need to get rotated or even flipped. If you flip some mattresses, you will end up damaging them.

Some mattress manufacturers will void a warranty if you flip the one-sided mattress. Make sure you know what kind of mattress you own.

Mattresses You Shouldn’t Flip

Don’t flip mattresses that aren’t marketed as a double-sided mattress. Most latex, hybrid, pillow-top, and memory foam mattresses are one-sided.

Flipping one-sided mattresses can lead to extra pressure on the comfort layer. This will damage the mattress.

Don’t flip memory foam beds. You’ll end up sleeping on the poly-foam core layer.

The core layer’s purpose is to help support the memory foam layer. Some memory foam beds include other technologies like graphite infusions, copper, or gel. These technologies will cool people down.

Hybrid mattresses have a coil layer at the base and two inches of the comfort layer. These beds will combine the features of latex, memory foam, and innerspring beds.

Hybrids are heavy mattresses since they have different materials. You will end up putting pressure on the comfort layer and potentially damaging it.

You can flip some latex mattresses. Before you flip your new bed, check the instructions in your warranty manual.

This way, you can make sure you won’t end up damaging the mattress since not all latex mattresses can get flipped.

When Should You Flip a Mattress?

Flip your mattress twice a year. Consider flipping it in January and in June. But first, you’ll want to take a look at the care instructions for your mattress.

If you can’t find specific details, you could also check out the warranty booklet to make sure.

Ask for Help When You Flip the Mattress

Make sure you ask a family member or friend to help you.

Try flipping and rotating your mattress at the same time. You should follow specific steps, so you don’t damage your mattress.

Make sure you move nightstands, floor lamps, and nearby furniture. Get rid of pillows, mattress protectors, and pads.

Move the mattress 90 degrees clockwise. The longer side will be parallel to the headboard.

Next, lift and prop the mattress to one side. Vacuum the bed base, mattress, and areas below your bed that are difficult to reach.

Slowly flip your mattress. Lower the mattress, so it’s face-up. Finish rotating the mattress 90 degrees clockwise.

What About Rotating a Mattress?

You can rotate most mattresses unless the manufacturer says you shouldn’t.

Yet, when you turn them, you can prolong the life of the mattress. Also, rotating a mattress is a lot easier compared to flipping it.

What to Do If Your Partner Is Heavier

Do you and your partner vary in height or weight? You’ll need to rotate your mattress often. This way, you can distribute the weight. Your mattress will have a more even degree of wear.

You may be able to prevent sagging or dipping on one side of the mattress.

Prevent Back or Spine Issues

Overusing a mattress can cause areas in your mattress to sag. If you sleep on a sagging mattress, you will damage the alignment of your spine.

A spinal misalignment will cause muscle stiffness, neck aches, and back pain. When you rotate your mattress, you can allow an area to recover from frequent use.

Your mattress will remain in decent condition. You’ll be able to protect your back and spine.

Get a New Mattress

Rotating and flipping can boost the longevity of a mattress. Yet, you might notice that rotating and flipping your mattress isn’t enough.

If your mattress is close to ten years old, you will need to look at getting a replacement. Make sure you try out a few different types of mattresses instead of picking the same type.

Ask questions when you buy your new mattress. Find out the seller’s recommendation for when you should rotate and flip your mattress.

Some people end up buying a new mattress because their mattress doesn’t feel comfortable anymore. Notice how your mattress feels after you flip or rotate it.

If you aren’t getting good sleep each night, consider getting a replacement. Getting deep sleep is essential for your physical and mental health. Make sure you don’t put off getting a new mattress.

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Now You Know More About Flipping a Mattress

We hope this guide on flipping mattresses was helpful. Flipping a mattress can help prolong the life of the mattress. Read the mattress manual, so you understand the recommendations.

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