Everything You Need to Know About Digital Marketing for Franchises

Franchises are becoming popular. It’s easier to buy a franchise than to start a business from scratch. Entrepreneurs already have a blueprint for running a business. There’s also support given by the franchisors. While buying a franchise is costly, it’s already a package deal. It’s easier for businesses to succeed, and the possibility of failing is low. Therefore, deciding to buy a franchise is smart. However, even with the right franchise, marketing is still important. The popularity of the brand nationwide won’t immediately translate to the success of a local franchise. The good thing is that the help extended by experts such as digital marketing OKC agencies would go a long way. 

Understanding the franchise

The first step is to understand what the franchise is about. Not all franchises are the same. There are rules to follow. Some franchisors provide more flexibility in advertising while others aren’t. Some franchisors want to control the messaging strategy and won’t allow franchisees to think of their own marketing campaigns. If they do, they might require approval from the headquarters. Therefore, franchisees need to understand these rules before pursuing any marketing strategy. Otherwise, it would be a waste. 

Focus on local SEO

Search engine optimization allows business owners to use keywords to their advantage. When people search for information through search engines, they will use keywords. There are about 3-4 words used depending on what they’re searching for. The most relevant links will appear on the first page. The goal of every business is to be on the first page. There’s a higher possibility for people to see the link when it’s on the first page. 

Local SEO isn’t only about optimizing the generic keywords. The name of the city or town is a part of the keywords. The reason for optimizing it is that most people add the city name when searching for information online. They will patronize brands that are close to their location. It’s a smart strategy because people search for local businesses on their phones, and there’s a bigger chance that they will choose the best company nearby. They also use Google maps to locate businesses on their phone. They will support a business found within 5 miles of their location. Hence, local SEO is a smart idea. Completing a local business profile listing would also be necessary. They serve as the yellow pages that people will look up to if they need to find certain brands. Without a complete and verified profile, the business won’t be among the top options. Users will find a different nearby business. 

Pay Per Click campaigns 

Pay per click strategy cuts the process. Instead of organically working to be on the first page of search engines, PPC is about buying the top spot. The good thing is that businesses don’t necessarily have to pay as soon as the campaign starts. Payments are only necessary if someone clicked on the link and opened the page. Just like SEO, it’s crucial to be smart in deciding which keywords to buy. They have to be relevant. When people search for the keywords, the business will be among their choices. It would be a waste to purchase a keyword that has no relevance with what the company offers. The price of keywords also varies. Shorter keywords are more expensive since other businesses use them too. Longer keywords are cheaper but could yield better results. 

Creating high-quality ads would also be necessary. No one wants to see the campaign after searching for the keyword and end up getting disappointed. They want relevant links. Creating a team or working with a digital marketing agency would be useful in crafting the right PPC campaign.

Content marketing is important

Everything is about content. People want to see something useful when they look for information online. If the website doesn’t provide any relevant content, it would be disappointing. Businesses have to upload content frequently. It should be timely, appropriate, and easy to understand. The focus shouldn’t only be about advertising the franchise. People will get tired of looking at ads. There can be a subtle advertising strategy somewhere in the content, but it shouldn’t be upfront. Writing content about benefits, key information, and other useful general knowledge would give people a reason to come back. They might not decide to buy from the company now, but they might do it in the future. The goal is to convince them to come back and see what else is in store for them. 

Franchises should utilize social media

Big brands have a huge following online. It’s one of the reasons why buying a franchise is a smart move. There’s already a built-in name advantage. It also comes with customers who are already loyal to the brand. However, it shouldn’t stop franchisees from coming up with a local page for the franchise. It’s easier to target audiences using the social media page. It should possess exciting and dynamic content. There should be regular updates. Interactions would make people decide to come back and check the page out. Businesses should stay engaged by responding to comments, liking posts, and sharing information. If there are direct messages, there should also be an immediate response. In doing so, more people will feel closer to the business and decide to be a loyal customer. Without a strong social media presence, the business would lose an opportunity to reach out to many people. In this age of social media, it’s a mistake not to have a strong social media campaign. 

Digital marketing campaigns should be of top priority Franchisees should have a strong campaign online. The good thing is that with a digital marketing OKC agency as a partner, it’s easier to craft the right strategies to be more popular. There’s no guarantee that the franchise will be as successful as the national brand, but it’s a step in the right direction. Business owners should be smart enough to think of campaigns that will attract local audiences and make them decide to buy. Of course, the message should be consistent with the brand but targeted towards local audiences.

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