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Invent Help is a pioneer inventor service firm set up in 1984 and created an employment source for more than 100 people in their headquarters. They work with the association of different people like researchers, illustrators, writers, and customer representatives. It maintains the most extensive network in more than 60 cities in the USA, Canada, Germany, and Australia. 

Supporting Process –

It refers you to a liberated patent authorization to provide a primary patent and opinion. Based on the opinion, they can help you prepare your idea with the US Patent and Trademark. Accordingly, you have to submit inventions to the industry InventHelp in a view to gaining their faith. The company attends trade shows where it uses the professional display to set up new contacts, especially it does not display any individual invention in the trade show. 

The style the company works and assists is as below – 

· They assist the inventions in different ways.

· Help develops your idea and spread it in the market. 

· Assist in marketing providing or helping find out a graphic designer, attend the trade show

· Help create a press release for publication

Cost Detailing

  • The company does not expose any rates on its sites 
  • The price can vary based on the marketing plan and the utility. 
  • The charge is applied for the service they pay, and charges are applied after the idea comes into profit. 


  • It legalized and took ideas into the market in a legal way 
  • It has been in the market for more than 35 years 
  • Helped secure inventions of more than 10,000 charters 
  • The contract is personalized legally 

Process of Publicity

  • For professional and commercial achievement, one needs to be able to come into the media’s focus, and that can help him/her spread their business. The higher the publicity, the better the profit they can make. Here in this matter, the expected vivacious and hope arousing matter is that the company experts can help you advertise your idea or inventions and go better in the media with your product. For the best advertisement policy, the company experts can help them make the best models. Thus, they can easily show the working process of their product or inventions to their investors and media. It is how the inventions get the maximum media coverage.
  • Some Media Platforms YouTube 
  • Facebook social apps 
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram 
  • Play store 

These are common social media platforms where someone can advertise their inventions and go for top public attraction to their ideas or creative excellence. 

Investment Offerings

In this platform, the experts can help find investment to make a dream come true. Persons having an idea or inventive, creative excellence can find investors with the help of InventHelp. 


If some opting to work in this new invention world, they may feel split and lost. But still, they have a lot to learn. For the beginners in this industry, there is an availability of resources and tools, and they can avail them to make their work comfortable. Up to date information can relieve them a lot, saving them time and stress. Work efficiency and dynamic stability can boost your work stamina. In this company, the inventors can avail huge tools and resources, and thus, they can make their idea come true in new forms before the world. 

Area of Invention the company demands

The areas are not limited to the inventors and have a vast horizon to walk along. But for name’s sake, it can define some of the areas where the inventors have developed their skill, knack, and passion. The areas are as below – technological invention, any types of eco-friendly invention, or any product relating to the comfort ability of humankind or animal as well. Foods, makeovers, accessories, magnificent handicrafts, or toys, in a nutshell, no field is named. Still, everything is taken in the list to assist an inventor in developing his/her passion for making business. For getting more photos and information, you may visit https://www.instagram.com/inventhelp/

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