EQT Growth: Get an overview about it

Originated from Sweden, EQT is an organization that works solely for global investment, along with having their focal point on active ownership strategies. The firm is eminent and well-reputed and possesses adroitness in the field of global investing for more than three decades. 

EQT has recently launched EQT Growth that will discover scopes for growth while keeping a flawless balance between private equity and venture capital. Taking the aid of growth investments, the firm will put emphasis on its investment tactic that will prioritise partnership with management along with founder teams of companies that are presiding the market. The businesses that will be given top priority for analysis are those who are technology-enabled, expandable/flexible and technological businesses.  

Furthermore, the EQT private equity will function as per the EQT Investment Ecosystem. As we are all aware of the fact that needs arise at any point of time, likewise, a company’s needs can also arise at any phase. 

A sturdy business needs to analyse these needs albeit of the stages that they ensue at, for instance, a company has to analyse these needs even if they transpire during the inception of the firm, or at the stage where the firm has fully settled in nicely. And EQT is just the firm that specializes in it. EQT is the parent or the primary company of EQT Growth. If we delve deeper into the topic at hand, we can conclude that a key and indispensable role is played by Motherbrain. 

Additionally, Motherbrain is an artificial intelligence-based system that will aid EQT Growth in finding the deep-rooted trends from the data and lend them a helping hand with areas where investment is effective and lucrative for the long run. It will also aid them to provide a well-improved understanding of data so that they can get precise vision on how and where they should further continue. It has already been made use of and the outcomes that were received were astonishing, to say the least. Many certain companies are identified by Motherbrain, the same companies that were once nowhere in the list of EQT Growth’s team.  

Every decision that is being decided or every important discussion that is being consulted is fed up to the system. This action helps in getting better extent of output and classifying latent potential companies that may get overlooked. Needless to say, the team of EQT Growth is highly skilled and capable and possesses expertise in the realm of ventures, operating backgrounds, along with equity. 

As of now, EQT Growth will be investing through the balance sheet of its parent company— EQT. EQT has made decisions not to openly declare for EQT Growth vis-à-vis the total sum of target of the fund. Nevertheless, as per the sources and reports, the areas entail B2B, healthcare tech, along with consumer tech. 

Moreover, Mark Brown has joined the firm as the Partner and Head of EQT Growth. As some might know, Mark has been an active member of the Microsoft Team and was energetically involved in strategic investment activities along with the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) strategies. The recent investment of EQT Growth is in Epidemic Sound. EQT Growth will help this firm in expanding their firm to locations that are difficult to reach, and will also go all-out to improve their User Experience. 

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Last modified: May 11, 2021

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