eClinicalWorks EMR vs. athenahealth EMR: Features and Reviews in 2021

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Meta Description: Looking for the right EMR but can’t choose between eClinicalWorks EMR and athenahealth EMR? Check out our detailed comparison for the two medical software to make a better decision.

Many practices struggle to find the right EMR for their practice. Not every healthcare practitioner out there is a HIT expert too, nor should they be. This is why we’ve dedicated a detailed guide to two industry-leading EMR softwares – eClinicalWorks EMR and athenahealth EMR.

Most EHR searches involve hours of research into different vendors, their products and services, features, pricing, and support. According to a recent study, an average physician works more than 50+ hours every week. With such a hectic work routine, it’s not easy to allocate time for finding the right EMR software.

Our goal in this article is to offer an overview of two of the most popular EMR software choices; eClinicalWorks EHR and athenahealth EMR.

Here we’ll examine the benefits, features, and pricing of these two medical software.

What is eClinicalWorks EMR? 

Privately-owned eClinicalWorks is a leading ambulatory EMR provider with solutions for general physical medicine. By expanding EHR use beyond its limits, the technology developed by eClinicalWorks EMR helps simplify your workflows, so you can focus on what really matters – your patients.

Currently, eClinicalWorks EMR is used by more than 80,000+ physicians and more than 472,000+ healthcare practitioners throughout the US. With a revenue of more than $650 million, eClinicalWorks EMR provides all features you need to run your practice effectively.

Based on top eClinicalWorks EMR reviews, we’ve come up with a list of pros:


  • eClinicalWorks’ specialized datacenters on their EMR Grid cloud ensure unmatched uptime, scalability, and high-speed access for users.
  • With Healow, an eclinicalWorks patient engagement app, users can access popular wearables and fitness apps at any time. 
  • eclinicalworks offers simple and free conversion packages to clients who are trying to switch from other EMR vendors. 

What is athenahealth EMR? 

In terms of functionality and features, athenahealth is considered a market leader in the EMR industry. With an extensive list of creative features, athenahealth EMR software has everything a physician practice needs in terms of clinical and administrative tools. athenahealth’s mission is to provide caregivers with services that they can trust and can help them make the right decisions for their practice and for their patients.

In order to accomplish this mission, athenahealth EMR software offers a wide range of services that include: 

  • athenaOne
  • athenaClinicals®
  • athenaCollector®
  • athenaCommunicator®
  • Population Health
  • Health Plan Data Exchange
  • Platform Services
  • Epocrates

Based on top athenahealth EMR reviews, we’ve come up with a list of pros:


  • athenahealth EHR has a Market Place where it offers integration to several 3rd-party applications. 
  • athenahealth EMR and patient portal offer a very simplistic and easy-to-use user interface. 
  • athenahealth is considered to be a “1-stop shop” for medium to large practices looking for a centralized healthcare infrastructure.
AdvancedMD EMR Kareo EMR
User Rating on Software Finder
Pricing Starts at $429/month/user Starts at $160/month/user
Demo Watch Now Watch Now
EMR Yes Yes
Practice Management Yes Yes
Patient Portal Yes Yes
Medical Billing Yes Yes
E-Prescribing (e-Rx) Yes Yes
Telemedicine Yes Yes
Hosting  Cloud-based & On-Premise Cloud-based

What’s the Right Choice for Your Practice? 

Always remember that one size does not fit all when it comes to implementing technology into your practice. Different practices have different needs and, therefore, require a different type of service provider.  

However, when choosing between two of the top-tier EMR software – eClinicalWorks EMR and athenahealth EMR, the choice isn’t easy. The first question you’ll have to ask is which one of the two meets your requirements and budget? And just as importantly, which one doesn’t? 

Typically, the best EMR software is the one that provides the highest value for the least cost.

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