Drip, Drip, Drip…. How to Fix an AC Water Leak Fast

Did you know that in one recent year almost 87% of Americans had an AC unit of some kind?

Whether you live in a state with high humidity or hot dry summers, AC units are a must!

However, what happens when your AC unit starts to show signs of wear and tear? Do you know how to fix an AC water leak?

Read on to find out more about how to correct leaking AC units yourself.

Is It a Clogged Drain Line?

One major reason for water leaking from your AC is a clogged condensation line. The condensate line takes water away from the mechanics of your AC unit. However, as it is a damp dark location it can be a perfect location for fungi, algae, and other types of debris to grow. 

If you have basic tools and a wet-dry vacuum cleaner then you should be able to fix this problem yourself. 

You will find the PVC pipe adjacent to the drain pan. You should see a part of the pipe rising up at a 90-degree angle. Remove the top from this part and pour in about 6 ounces of vinegar. This will render the pipe uninhabitable for algae and fungi. 

If you repeat this step every few months you will find that the pipe no longer becomes clogged with living organisms. 

If you find that the pipe is completely blocked, simply take the wet-dry vacuum and attach it to the external pipe and switch it on. If you have poured vinegar in from the inside, the wet vacuum will likely be able to suck all the debris out without a problem. 

If you do not have the tools, such as a wet-dry vac to do this work, or you feel that it will take too much time, why not call in professionals? A company such as Sunairtampa.com will have everything needed to able to correct even complex AC issues for you.

Could It Be Frozen Evaporator Coils?

Another answer to the question “why is my AC leaking?” could be that there is frozen material inside the evaporator coils. This is one common reason for AC repair that is very avoidable. 

If you have not cleaned the filters in the AC unit regularly, air movement within the unit will be limited. This can cause the evaporator units to freeze up.

However, the refrigerant flows through these coils. Without constant airflow, ice can develop on the coils. When this melts, you guessed it, you get water running out of your AC system into your house. 

The solution to this is very easy. Simply ensure that you clean the air filters in your AC unit regularly and that nothing obstructs its movement.

Is It a Damaged Drain Pan?

Condensation will always occur in your AC system, however, fortunately, the drain pan is able to collect it and ensure that it is routed outside of your house instead of inside. 

If you notice that water is dripping inside of your house, you should check that the drain pan is not damaged. If someone has performed maintenance themselves at home and accidentally dropped the pan, it could have a small crack leading to leaks. 

This is just one of many AC repair tips that takes two minutes to check but could save you a lot of money and anxiety.

How to Fix an AC Water Leak and Much More

In most cases, you can fix an AC water leak with basic tools and know-how. 

By applying the principles that we have discussed today, you will be able to how to fix a leaky AC yourself. However, if in doubt call a professional to fix it for you. 

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