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Dr. Marc Mallory is known as dentists, entrepreneur, and businessman but he is popular because of Marc Mallory wife who is an American politician Gretchen Whitmer and she is serving as her 49th governor of Michigan since 2019, and the interesting thing is that Dr. Marc Mallory was charged by 13 people in an alleged domestic terrorism plot to kidnap Dr. Marc Mallory wife or Gretchen Whitmer on 8th October 2020.

And after this Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said that they were charged 6 individual federally with conspiracy to abduct, and 7 other were charged affiliated with the Wolverine Watchmen Militia Organization by the state, and this news become hot news, so If you want to know more about Dr. Marc Mallory then read below article.

In this article, we will discuss Dr. Marc Mallory wiki, Dr. Marc Mallory biography, Dr. Marc Mallory age and education, Dr. Marc Mallory first wife, Dr. Marc Mallory ex-wife, Dr. Marc Mallory net worth, and many more details about his life.

Dr. Marc Mallory Biography, Wiki-

Full name- Dr. Marc Mallory

Familiar name- Marc Mallory

Date of birth- 14th September 1960

Birthplace- Lansing, Michigan, US

Age- 60 years old

Home town- Michigan, US

Zodiac- Virgo

Nationality- American, USA

Ethnicity- White

Religious- Christian

Height- 5 Feet 9 Inches (1.77m)

Weight- 75 Kg (165lbs)

Dr. Marc Mallory first Wife- Felicia Lindell (divorced)

Dr. Marc Mallory wife name- Gretchen Whitmer (July 2011- present)

Father name- Dr. Samuel Mallory

Mother name- Susan Mallory

Hobbies- Travelling, hiking, and trekking

Son and daughter- Mason Mallory, Alex Mallory, Winston Mallory (son), stepdaughter- Sherry, and Sydney

Education- graduated-

Profession- Dentist, entrepreneur, businessman

Let’s know about Dr. Marc Mallory biography, which you will know briefly.

Information about Dr. Marc Mallory biography-

Dr. Marc Mallory Biography; Net Worth, Age, Height, Children, Education,  Political Party And Wife - ABTC

Dr. Marc Mallory is an American dentist, entrepreneur, and businessman, Dr. Marc Mallory father is also a dentist and Dr. Marc Mallory mother is a household chore. Dr. Marc Mallory father’s name is Dr. Samuel Mallory, and Dr. Marc Mallory mother’s name is Susan Mallory.

Dr. Marc Mallory is a graduated man who completed his schooling at a local school which is nearby his hometown Lansing, Michigan and the name of Dr. Marc Mallory School is Sexton High school. He finished his graduation with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Zoology from Michigan State University, THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN.

After some time Dr. Marc Mallory certified dental surgery doctor from the University of Michigan’s Dental School. At present Dr. Marc Mallory has his clinic too which he opened in 1986, and now he is a famous dentist.

What is Dr. Marc Mallory age?

Dr. Marc Mallory was born on 14th September 1960 in Lansing, Michigan, U.S and his zodiac sign is Virgo. Dr. Marc Mallory age is 60 years old and after some days in September, he will come 61 years ago, and he is belonging to a Christian family. Dr. Marc Mallory ethnicity is white, and Dr. Marc Mallory’s nationality is American.

Dr. Marc Mallory height, weight, and other body measurements-

Dr. Marc Mallory’s height is 5 feet 9 inches (1.77m), Dr. Marc Mallory’s weight is 75 kg (165lbs), and Dr. Marc Mallory’s eye color is grey with salt and pepper hair color. Dr. Marc Mallory is a handsome and dashing man who still looks amazing.

Dr. Marc Mallory marriage and affairs-

Everyone wants to know about Dr. Marc Mallory first wife, and who is Dr. Marc Mallory ex-wife, if Dr. Marc Mallory is married, if yes them whom? Let’s know about Dr. Marc Mallory’s marriage and affairs?


Dr. Marc Mallory is married to Gretchen Mallory, and at present, they both live together happily. Gretchen Whitmer’s husband Dr. Marc Mallory is known as his wife because she is an American Lawmaker, who is filling the 49th legislative head of Michigan.

They both couple married in 2011 in east Laning, Michigan, they both have 5 children, and they all are very happy families who love to stay together.

Who is Gretchen Whitmer's husband Dr Marc Mallory?

But this is the second marriage of Dr. Marc Mallory with Gretchen Mallory; Dr. Marc Mallory first wife is Felicia Lindell who is known as Dr. Marc Mallory ex-wife. Dr. Marc Mallory ex-wife and Marc they both born 3 children together Alex, Mason, and Winston.

At present, Dr. Marc Mallory first wife is not with Marc, and their children live with Gretchen Mallory and his husband Marc Mallory.

Gretchen Mallory also has 2 daughters, and at present Gretchen Mallory husband and Gretchen, they both live together with their 5 children Alex, Winston, Mason, Sherry, and Sydney.

What is Dr. Marc Mallory net worth?

Dr. Marc Mallory is a rich man and he did many things in his life, and now he is a successful man, Dr. Marc Mallory net worth is $5 Million as of 2021, and Dr. Marc Mallory salary is $25k per month, and Dr. Marc Mallory wife Gretchen Mallory is also earning money, Dr. Marc Mallory wife Gretchen Whitmer net worth USD 200 Million as of 2021, and Gretchen Whitmer salary $159,300. Her salary comes from his political career.

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