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Do You Really Know Custom Rugs Price and Shipping Details

Custom area rugs allow a distinctive touch to be added to your home. They tastefully put in a serving of character to any living room. Whether you are flexing a creative muscle. Or perhaps striving to beautifully complement your decor and furnishings, custom rugs foster a unique stylistic expression.

Custom rugs can properly capture the stylistic vision of yours with available altercations in color, size, pattern, and shape. Regardless of how eccentric your decor and furnishing preferences. A customized area rug may be configured to not only withstand but improve these choices.

Price Details

By default, our custom rugs are hand-tufted and range from $– to $—. We’d suggest carving between the colors for many designs making this our most popular quality.

Very small rugs are going to be subject to a minimum rate because of the price of setting up production, buying wool, dyes, etc. This’s typically 1m2 – it must be noted that specific styles aren’t likely in smaller sizes as a result of the intricacy of the layout and pattern.

Overly large rugs (those which are more than 3m in each width and length) may well cost extra as specific sizes and weights require specialized shipping and incur additional handling fees. Much more intricate patterns with labor-intensive detail, complex carving, or maybe a substantial amount of colors used in the design will improve the price per square meter.

Shipping details

Now worldwide fast shipping is supported on Diipoo (, no matter which region or perhaps nation you live in. Free Worldwide shipping applies after the order of over $—.

Diipoo is going to provide your order more quickly compared to anybody, no matter in which country you are living. Just pick your favorite custom blanket and then set it in the cart and you’re likely to get your purchase quickly. The shipping is 3 to 20 days.

Diipoo is providing their clients international guarantee of purchasing custom blankets. These pillows are incredibly soft and bring comfort to your everyday life. Diipoo cares for their customers and also offers them, international warranty, on custom blankets.

Printing Quality

We print at 200dpi, which is a great mixture of quality and file weight. Ideally, your picture must be scaled to 100 % at 200dpi, this means that no resizing of your file occurs stopping some interpolation.

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We constantly strive for probably the greatest precision when constructing and printing the garments of yours. Nevertheless, thanks to unavoidable stretch or maybe the action of the cloth during the stitching procedure. We can’t guarantee pattern registration that is perfect across garment seams.

Final Words

Diipoo ( is a brand that provides several of the most incredible products of excellent consistency. Diipoo’s aim to provide their clients with probably the finest and most dependable alternatives that they love and appreciate. You’d certainly not be disappointed if you buy a product from Diipoo since its most likely the greatest brand for you. Diipoo provides you with high-quality dipping powder as well as dipping powder packs for your convenience.

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