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Despite being the same game, the virtual poker model has managed to stand out from the traditional poker tables thanks to a style of play based on unique dynamics that allow it to postulate itself as an accessible and simple game, friendlier to novices and amateurs without neglecting professional players.

Every online poker player should know the basics of poker strategies at the virtual gaming tables, and the experts of one of the best known poker firms in our country reveal some of the keys to be victorious in an online poker game.

Keys to win in an online poker game

Although a thorough knowledge of the most complex aspects of poker can be an advantage for a professional player, online poker has distanced itself so much in recent years from traditional poker that even in poker games of the same modality an expert player can feel somewhat disoriented. This, in the words of the firm’s own team, is something very common that only practice can solve.

“The main problem is that many expert poker players arrive at virtual poker tables overconfident, and quickly realize that the dynamics are not at all the same,” they comment. “Although the adaptation process for an expert player is reduced, he is not exempt from having to get used to the functioning of the new tables if he wants to opt for victory”.

Starting with low stakes, the key to a good start

One of the fundamental aspects to avoid falling at the first change is to make small bets, a measure that always works well but that in online poker must be very measured. “Traditionally, small bets have been associated with a greater degree of caution that in physical poker has always worked well,” explains the team at EasyPPPoker, one of the leading firms in the online poker sector.

“However, it is important that this caution does not last too long and that you start taking risks early in your bets: it is just as bad to be too smart as to be too cautious, and in online poker it is common that by being cautious for too long the ideal window for taking risks in the game has passed,” they comment.

Discipline applied at different paces

Something that does not change in the different poker modalities is the need to be disciplined, although in online poker this needs to be applied in a different way. “What is special about online poker is that it is much more frenetic and requires a greater capacity for concentration, so it is necessary to be very attentive to every opportunity that appears because the turn can pass quickly,” explains the EasyPPPoker team. “

On the other hand, experts insist that it is advisable to establish own limits of plays or bets even in no-limit online poker modalities, since the possibility of losing all the chips is very high and not having the certainty of identifying which is the right time to risk can be a hard setback. “Not even expert poker players are free from suffering a setback, and the dynamics of online poker mean that this can be more likely to happen,” they explain.

Greater weight of probability and statistics

Online poker forces many players to expand their knowledge of statistics and probability when they realize the handicap of not having any tools in their environment to start from a guess or hypothesis. “The fact that the players are not face to face makes online poker much more unpredictable, something very exciting for the spectators of these virtual tournaments, but terrible for the poker players, who see how they only have one trump card to guess the upcoming plays: the cards,” they say in EasyPPPoker.

This makes the weight of these disciplines much more accentuated, condemning those players who do not know how to diversify hypotheses. “To win in an online poker game you need to have a very high capacity of analysis to elucidate in a few seconds the possible moves that can take place at the table, which is decisive for victory,” the firm says.

Other aspects of relevance in a game of online poker

The fact that online poker lacks the physical component and the enormous possibilities that the study of body language offers does not mean that one should stop categorizing opponents. “Categorizing opponents is more necessary than ever when we talk about online poker, as their profile matching can give a lot of information about their type of play and the kind of moves they are looking for,” they explain.

One characteristic of online poker players is that they are very volatile and much more sensitive to provocations. “The sense of immunity produced by electronic devices makes losing control of the game much easier,” they comment at EasyPPPoker. “Impulses and outbursts are never good in a poker game, and they are not harmless in online poker, hence the need to be disciplined is more pressing than ever.”

Another aspect that can be helpful is that you can use items that at physical poker tables are prohibited. “If it helps, making notes can be a good option for people who are not entirely comfortable in an online poker game or who need to retain certain aspects while they get used to the dynamics of the online game,” they explain. “In addition, it can be very helpful to have a notebook of notes that no one else can see during the game in order to become fluent with advanced strategies,” they say.

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