Do You Need an SEO Consultant? 4 Ways That SEO Consulting SEOLeverage Makes Your Job Easier

Do your competitors get more visitors than you do? Something might be amiss with your site’s SEO strategy.

That said, you need SEO consulting. SEOLeverage, one of the most reliable and experienced SEO agencies out there, should easily climb your list of consultants to consider.

Headed by Gert Mellak, is an SEO agency with almost two decades of experience in audits and SEO consulting.

He and his team can help make your job easier through:

Deep Dive Site Audits and SEO Consulting

For your business to grow, SEO Leverage will have to do an ongoing site evaluation. Gert Mellak and his team will do so through a deep dive site audit.

Since is an SEO agency with 19 years of experience, it doesn’t leave anything to chance. Unlike other companies, the agency’s approach is manual. Automatic, white-label site audits and SEO checks, after all, are useless without human intervention.

SEO Leverage accomplishes deep dive audits through four phases:


When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), site audits need to look at the benchmark.

During the overview phase, SEO Leverage will determine your ongoing approach and primary competitors. Such data are vital for improving user experience and website usability — two factors that Google considers when ranking sites.


SEO Leverage will also check your website’s content for thinning or duplication. Apart from this, the agency will also provide topics or keywords that you can use when you create future content.

Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Site Audits

With this consulting phase, your webmaster will get the information he/she needs to improve your website in the technical aspect. From link status to site performance, you can make the necessary adjustments to boost your Google rankings.

Link Audit

The focus here is backlinks, which are signals that Google uses to rank websites. With link analysis, you can work on URLs that can make or break your website.

SEO Site Audits for Higher Rankings

If you don’t have the time, capacity, or knowledge to execute your site’s SEO, you need not worry. Gert Mellak can help you through the SEO-X Service.

This approach will focus on three things:


With the use of industry tools and machine learning, will check your content to see if it’s enough to boost your Google rankings.

Technical SEO

Through technical site audits and SEO checks, can check for broken links, crawling issues, duplications, HTTP/HTTPS problems, and more.


SEO Leverage will help you find unrelated links so that you may disavow them before they hurt your Google rankings.

Target Research

Is your marketing team looking to create a new project or blog for your business? For this, you are going to need the SEO Leverage Target Research service. This can help you create content that will help you attract more visitors.

SEO Leverage does target research in four steps:

Briefing Call

Here, the SEO Leverage team will ask you about your competition and what you’re trying to achieve.

Online Market Research

SEO Leverage will uncover where your clients are and what’s going on in their minds. Doing so will help you find the best keywords according to certain angles.

Keyword Research

In this step, SEO Leverage will provide you a long list of search queries. With this treasure trove of information, you can create effective marketing strategies.

Topic Roadmap

This list of 25 well-researched topics will help you focus on content that has the best chance to boost your website’s visibility and rankings.

Audits and SEO Consulting With ERICA

Search engine optimization (SEO) is effective, but the results won’t manifest in just a matter of weeks. To fast-track your results, you can utilize SEO Leverage’s ERICA — a strategic yet straightforward framework that will surely make you a step ahead of your competitors in terms of SEO.

ERICA stands for Execution, Research, Interlinking, Content, and Action. Using this framework will help you grow your business by providing a consistent stream of visitors to your website through simple and advanced SEO tactics.

Site users are also given the ERICA app, which can help every owner improve his or her online marketing strategy. With practical tools such as the SEO dashboard, permanent technical information, and strategic tasks, website owners are sure to get what they need for site improvement.

ERICA also provides these additional features:

  • Consulting opportunity with founder Gert Mellak
  • Reports on the winning or losing link
  • Additional instructional videos on search engine optimization

Four easy ways to rank your website — that’s what SEO Leverage does for you. If you want to attract more customers without the usual fuss, contact SEO Leverage today to know which of these methods and services will bring your business’ SEO to new heights.

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