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Knowing the best places to work abroad is something very important for anyone who wants to spend a season away from their home countries. After all, staying in foreign lands is something that becomes much simpler when we have a good vacancy, be it temporary, in the case of exchanges, or fixed, when we move to another place.

Australia and New Zealand, for example, are among the best nations to find a job outside your home country. These countries are in constant search for qualified professionals from all over the planet and, therefore, there are always a number of very interesting vacancies waiting to be filled.

Would you like to know a little more about the particularities of the best places to work abroad? So stay with us! Throughout our conversation, we will discuss the advantages of working in Australia and New Zealand, two countries full of opportunities!

1. Australia

Famous for its beautiful beaches and friendly and welcoming people, Australia is an island of continental dimensions that is home to most of the continent of Oceania. Around here, there are many cities with very different characteristics, but there is one thing they all have in common: the large number of job opportunities for foreign students.

Below, check out some of the characteristics of the employment sector in this country!

How is labor law in Australia?

In Australia, employment contracts are obtained through contracts and not through a work card Thus, there is much less bureaucracy and problems when it comes to getting a new job.

In addition, there are a number of benefits available, such as annual leave, maternity leave and time off in case of medical necessity or family problems such as death or serious accidents.

What are the most popular jobs among students?

International students in Australia can generally choose between casual or part-time work, ie part-time work (which typically requires around 38 hours worked per fortnight).

The most popular jobs for students in Australia include:

  • store attendants;
  • clerks;
  • nannies;
  • waiter and waitress;
  • functions in supermarkets.

What jobs are available for foreign professionals?

Overall, Australia is also always looking for qualified labor to fill specific vacancies in the country.

The fields that most need professionals to work in Australian territory are:

  • doctors;
  • veterinarians;
  • engineers;
  • accountants;
  • economists;
  • nurses;
  • pilots;
  • program developer.

What documents are needed to work?

Below, check out what are the essential documents to start working in Australia:

  • study and work visa;
  • letter of intent;
  • TFN.

Relying on the help of an agency is always the best option! This way you can be sure that all the necessary documents are presented.

How do payments work in Australia?

The Australian minimum wage is AU$ (Australian Dollars) 19.84 an hour in 2020. This salary floor must be followed by all companies, regardless of their segment. With that, of course, there are vacancies that pay more, but this is the least that can be offered to employees.

For students and other groups, the minimum wage is usually a little less than this amount. Wages are normally based on hours worked, that is, the worker earns exactly for the value he produces. Most of the time, the number of hours is stipulated in the contract and payment is made weekly.

What are the advantages of choosing to work in Australia?

Australia is one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rates in the world and yet there are many places available for people with all levels of study and English proficiency. In addition, this is a great country to study and work at the same time, with laws that protect the worker and with an excellent infrastructure to pursue studies and get a little extra money.

2. New Zealand

The other symbol country of Oceania is New Zealand, which is much smaller than Australia in territory, but equally known worldwide for its unbelievable natural beauty. Due to its privileged infrastructure, this nation is also one of the best places to work abroad and a great welcome for foreign labor, with many places available for students.

Then discover the most outstanding features of jobs in New Zealand and find out how they work!

How is labor law in New Zealand?

As in Australia, the legislation does not have a work card. Here, hiring can take place through individual or collective contracts, when a union acts as an intermediary in the process.

There are, in general, two types of contracts: temporary ones, with a specific duration, and ‘open’ ones, which work in cases of jobs that do not have a date for completion. Benefits such as annual leave (which lasts 3 weeks) are also provided.

What are the most popular jobs among students?

International students in New Zealand can work up to 20 hours per week. This period is extended during the school holidays, making it unlimited.

The vacancies most sought after by these students are:

  • waiter or waitress;
  • restaurant and bar attendant;
  • store attendant;
  • sales area;
  • babysitter;
  • cleaning assistant.

What positions are available for Brazilian professionals?

Professionals who are already graduated and want to venture out with a job in New Zealand are also contemplated with incredible vacancies, which never stop appearing.

The main areas of activity of foreigners in New Zealand lands are:

  • tourism and hospitality;
  • telecommunications;
  • information Technology;
  • engineers;
  • doctors;
  • veterinarians;
  • economists.

Jobs that are in high demand can be viewed on the Careers NZ website.

What documents are needed to work?

There are a number of documents requested by New Zealand authorities for those who want to work there. They include:

  • work visa;
  • IRD;
  • proof of opening a bank account.

Once again, we recommend seeking the help of an agency that specializes in this type of process to help you with the main paperwork.

How do payments work in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, there are also specific minimum wages that must be followed by all employers. There is a salary range for children under 17 and over 18.

As in Australia, the salary is usually paid weekly. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt to this new reality in order to manage payments properly.

What are the advantages of choosing to work here?

New Zealand is, in addition to being a beautiful country, a place of many opportunities. The location’s excellent infrastructure and high government investments in sectors such as health and education make this nation one of the best places to live in the world.

Therefore, studying and working in this country is always a good opportunity for those who are just starting to improve their English or for those who already have a certain qualification and are looking for new paths in their professional life.

As we can see, Australia and New Zealand are two of the best places to work abroad. With many opportunities, incredible vacancies and, of course, also because they are first-world countries, these are two very interesting alternatives for students and people looking for a career outside their own countries.

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