Different Facts To Know About AI and Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more common in today’s world. An AI assistant lives in almost every cell phone. At home, your assistant can order your groceries. When you’re out, it can tell you where to stop for coffee and find public services. Some people are even starting to bring them into the business world. While you may not be a pioneer in technology, these assistants can easily be integrated into your company. There are many ways these robots can help you. Here are some facts to get you started. 

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is an electronic’s attempt at performing something that normally would require a human’s intelligence. These devices can learn, reason, and correct themselves. An example of AI is something that can interpret your voice commands. The most common thing people picture when they think of AI is a personal assistant. 

What Is an Assistant?

An assistant is something that can perform tasks for a user based on commands. Most of these systems are trained for specific tasks. The ones you are likely most familiar with include Siri, Alexa, and Bixby. 

Other types of assistants, strong AI devices, can perform more tasks. They can find solutions to problems they have never encountered without human assistance. This goes above the reaches of the assistants in smartphones. Strong AI assistants can add events to a calendar, book reservations, automate customer service, book tickets, check flights, work with other devices, provide recommendations, have a conversation, make calls, make shopping lists, make to-do lists, arrange travel, order supplies, organize moving arrangements, play media, provide facts, schedule meetings, send texts, set alarms, and shop online. Some can do even more. Some can also do things like navigating records and reporting emergencies to authorities. 

Why Are AI Assistants So Popular?

The AI market is booming. It is already a billion-dollar industry and is only predicted to keep growing. What you didn’t know is that these assistants are the reason this industry is growing. Personal assistants make up the majority of money spent in the AI industry. These are only expected to get more popular. You’re probably wondering why they are so popular. There are several reasons. The primary one is that these assistants are being incorporated into many different devices. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a smartphone or computer without one. 

How Do You Teach a Computer To Perform Tasks Based on Commands?

An assistant, such as Ninja Number, uses natural language processing to train your computer to analyze your speech. The first step in this process is getting computers to recognize certain words. Then, the computers can understand what you are saying and act on this. 

Can They Automate Tasks?

Businesses that help with public services can benefit from a computer assistant to help automate tasks. For instance, Cortana is Microsoft’s PC assistant. This feature helps your employees gain access to its different functions. There are also ways you can make this program more sophisticated. Enterprise developers can train this assistant to learn new skills through the learning platform. However, there are two major downsides. The first is that Cortana’s skill learning ability is limited. The second is that the skill learning platform is invite-only. If you manage to get an invite, Cortana can learn to handle everything from human resources to office management. But that isn’t available on the standard version. 

For access to a PC assistant, you will want to have all of your computers linked to the network and running off the same software. Then, you can have your employees log in and give the assistant access to their files. The feature can then give them reminders, track packages, send emails, manage calendars, create lists, find facts, and open apps. If you don’t run your company off Microsoft, there are plenty of alternatives to help automate tasks. These include Alexa, Hound, Braina, Lyra, 24me, Butleroy, and Edison. 

You are already familiar with AI assistants. These are not full-sized robots that help you with your daily tasks. They are the personal assistants that live in your smart devices. Incorporating AI into your business is going to end up helping you. Whether you use it to handle simple tasks or complex ones, it is easy to stay ahead of the curve. It is always good to know the different ways you can integrate an assistant. Otherwise, you could miss out on this opportunity. 

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Last modified: February 22, 2021

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