Determining the Effectiveness of CBD Oil for Dogs with Anxiety

While you may know that anxiety is a mental problem in many humans, your canine friend might also be suffering from this serious issue. If weird behavioral changes in your pet catch your attention, it might be a sign of underlying anxiety disorder.

While preventing restlessness in your puppy is not easy, there are many ways to calm them down. CBD oil for dogs with anxiety is said to be one such natural remedy that can do wonders.

Here are a few ways to understand how this plant-based medicine can help your furry friend fight anxiety.

What is Anxiety in Dogs?

A sudden, unexplainable change in behavior, like restlessness and abnormal nervousness, can be defined as an anxiety disorder in dogs. It occurs as a result of the prospective or imaginative danger in their minds.

ScienceDirect surveyed and collected information about fearfulness, noise sensitivity, and separation anxiety in dogs. According to the survey report, 39.2 percent of dogs were sensitive to loud noise, 26.2 percent displayed general fearfulness, and 17.2 percent displayed separation anxiety.

Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

Every dog displays different anxiety symptoms, accompanied by physical and interactive changes. Here are some common dog anxiety signs and symptoms that you should watch out for in your pet.

  • Restlessness and struggling to calm down
  • Continuous barking when left alone or in front of strangers
  • Sudden shivering and panic attacks
  • Running away from you or trying to hide somewhere
  • Digging in your backyard
  • Excessive licking or chewing their own body
  • Pacing and panting heavily
  • Sweating paws
  • Drooling and trembling
  • Changes in appetite
  • Stomach pain and diarrhea
  • Nauseousness and vomiting

Some extreme cases of anxiety in dogs can lead to destructive and aggressive behavioral changes. Defecating and urinating indoors and hyperactivity are also signs of moderate to severe dog anxiety disorder.

What Kind of CBD Products are Used for an Anxious Dog?

As a pet parent, you need to act fast to help your dog calm down when it is anxious. The first step is to understand the stimulus causing the problem and try to curb it.

It is advisable to meet a vet to handle extreme restlessness in your four-legged friend. Many anti-anxiety medications and nutritional supplements are available on the market to help your canine feel comfortable.

Natural products with CBD oil for dogs with anxiety are highly beneficial for reducing edginess in the animal. They are made of hemp fiber which helps to develop a sound immune system to fight diseases. Some common cannabinoid foods for your furry friend are:

  • CBD dog treats containing CBD oil
  • CBD oil digestible capsules
  • CBD tinctures can be directly administered to dogs. You can apply the oil on the gums or under the tongue, mix it with food, or rub it on your pet’s ears for optimum benefit.

How Effective is CBD oil to Manage Dog Anxiety?

Like other mammals, dogs too have an Endogenous Cannabinoid System (ECS), which helps balance the normal working of an animal body. Anxiety occurs when ECS begins malfunctioning. It can change the brain’s response to serotonin, the hormone responsible for happiness and emotional wellbeing in humans and other animals.

CBD oil for dogs with anxiety can help the ECS system restore its balance and work efficiently. CBD oil, mixed with lavender essential oil, gives a therapeutic effect to calm your pet.

Final Note

It is essential to give your dogs the correct dose of CBD oil to relieve them of stress and uncomfortableness. It would be best if you measured the dosage depending on the size and weight of your pet and the severity of abnormal behavior.

Consistent and regular usage of CBD oil can help to reduce the frequency and levels of panic attacks in your four-legged friend.

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