CPL 2021: CPL To Use The Smart Ball With An Embedded Microchip

Technology is advancing each day with exciting innovations and discoveries. For example, the 2021 CPL league will use more up-to-date ball technology. The smart ball has modern tech innovations that will help give accurate data about the match to commentators, players, and fans. In addition, it will make the experience worthwhile as it’s the first time for it to be used in a professional T20 league.

Development of the Kookaburra smart ball

The idea of a smart ball is the partnership between Kookaburra and the innovators SportCor. The Executive Chairman and Co-founder of SportCor is a former Australian cricket player Michael Kasprowicz. Through a press release by the Caribbean Premier League CEO, the smart ball will be used in the Caribbean premier league 2021 for the first time.

The CPL 2021 is Scheduled to be played at St Kitts and Nevis from 26 August to 15 September. To confirm the news, West Indies issued a statement ahead of the CPL 2021 schedule.

A statement read that the anticipated Caribbean Premier League (CPL) will feature a smart ball, which has a superior core that records multiple and minute data points.

The Kookaburra smart ball feels and resembles a standard cricket ball, but the technology is different and more complex. The ball has a core that records many more data points compared to using old ball-tracking technology. The smart ball transfers the data on the delivery of each strike made.

The data sent include speed, distance, strength, and rotation or the spin of a ball during release when it bounces and gets to the batsman. The data collected is then conveyed to the analysts immediately. In addition, all the data collected by the chip will be graphically presented for the fans simultaneously.

All the data collection is made easy by the embedded microlight chip in the core that distributes the data efficiently and faster. In addition, the chip will transfer information from the ball to a phone, smartwatch, laptop, or tablet app for the player’s connoisseurs in the CPL 2021 to use.

Peter Rusell, the CPL CEO, said, “That they are happy to be the pioneers to try this technology which is mind-blowing. He also said that they are delighted to see the Kookaburra smart Ball manufactured by SportCor in this year’s CPL tournament. Finally, in his statement, he said they were hopeful that the smart ball would add value to the CPL 2021 teams and supporters.”

The science behind the kookaburra smart ball

The ball is named after the Kingfisher tree birds that are found in Australia and New Guinea. It is manufactured in Australia and used in Test games in Australia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand. The ball has a chip in its innermost layer that is connected to a circular socket fitted inside.

It’s a tiny spherical piece the size of a quail’s egg made of cork and rubber. Coats of leather and rubber are enveloped before other parts of the balls are put together and sewn. After all, this is done; the ball looks and feels like a regular cricket ball.

The Benefits

One of the benefits is that the CPL 2021 team bowlers will obtain data about delivery as soon as the ball is bowled. It will give essential data like speed or the turning degree and minute details like the bowler’s revolution. Also, the manufacturers have confirmed it would provide the degree of bounce, swing, dip and drift.

It means that the CPL 2021 matches will be full of action and thrill. Recently, there is only one speed and revolution figure that measures the speed of a ball when it’s bowled. It is a stationary radar where speed is recorded simultaneously despite the bowler’s height, distance, or delivery position.

The smart ball will revolutionize the sports world in many different ways. The CPL 2021 will be the pioneer of this unique technology. But until the ball gets tested on the field, it’s hard to tell the experience. But hopefully, it’s going to be a superb experience for everyone who will be present for the tournament.

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Last modified: September 9, 2021

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