Common Signs of a Dying Car Battery

Is your car battery reaching the end of its life? A dead car battery means a dead car, so check for these signs of a dying battery today. Don’t hesitate to replace this critical automotive part if you stop the following signs:

  • Check engine light
  • Difficulty starting your car
  • Extensive corrosion
  • Cracked, swollen or leaking battery
  • Battery older than three to five years

Some signs, like a swollen battery, mean this component needs to be replaced immediately to prevent serious damage to your vehicle. Other signs, like an old battery, don’t necessarily mean your battery will die soon. It’s best to have your battery tested if it’s older or if you’re experiencing difficulties starting your vehicle. A battery test helps you troubleshoot this issue.

What the Best Car Batteries Are for 2021

Modern car batteries offer a long-lasting warranty, low cost and exact fit for your specific vehicle. There are many brands that offer reliable batteries for your vehicle in 2021, so review these features of the best batteries for your vehicle:

  • Extended warranty
  • Competitive price
  • Proper fit

Modern warranties should last at least two years, while some last up to three years. Some warranties offer a prorated warranty period. This means that you may be eligible for a partial refund for a battery that fails within the prorate warranty. Expect a small portion of the total cost, but a small refund may be better than none.

Batteries are organized based on size, terminal location and cold-cranking amps. The size and terminal location are set based on the make of the vehicle, and the cold-cranking amps need to provide enough power for your model of vehicle. The best way to shop for a battery in 2021 is to use a VIN number search tool online. This will show you the exact battery for your make, model and year of vehicle.

Compare lead-acid and absorbed glass mat battery options. Most vehicles use lead-acid batteries, but an absorbed glass mat battery can be an efficient alternative. These batteries are typically more of an investment, but can be safer and less likely to be damaged by a deep discharge.

What the Best Car Battery Chargers Are for 2021

You can’t always avoid a drained battery. Don’t let this unfortunate incident require a tow or a trip to an auto parts store, but consider purchasing a car battery charger to restore power to your vehicle. A battery charger won’t work if your battery is fully discharged or has reached the end of its life, but it is a convenient alternative to jumping your car. Here are the basic features to compare when shopping for a car battery charger in 2021:

  • Amp hours
  • Input type
  • Battery type compatibility

Compare the amp hours of your charger and the amperage of your battery. A low-amp charger can still charge a large battery, but it could take days rather than hours to fully recharge. Many modern chargers have a range of amp settings for trickle charging or a jump start.Shop for a car battery charger or car battery today. Search for must-have items online or stop by a trusted auto parts store to get great deals on modern options.

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Last modified: March 5, 2021

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