Common Reasons Why Semi-Trucks Need Roadside Assistance

Big rig trucks are the most oversized vehicles on the road, so it’s not a surprise that they have frequent breakdowns. It is even more understandable considering these long-distance travels and how often you need roadside assistance!

The number of breakdowns experienced by these vast vehicles, from the age to current driving conditions, leads to various auto problems that typically appear at what is likely the worst possible time.

Let’s take a look at the most common reasons that big rig trucks need roadside assistance – being aware of the causes may help you avoid a breakdown in the future!


Without a doubt, the most common cause of significant rig breakdown is tire problems. There are many reasons tires fail on these vast vehicles, from under or overinflation to worn treads and misaligned axles. Carrying such large weights for long distances wears down even sturdy, durable tires quickly- it’s no wonder they break so often!


Damaged brakes account for roughly 30% of big rig breakdowns. They are the second most common cause for needing roadside assistance, just behind faulty tires, which account for about 40%. Why is this? Big rigs have much larger drum and disc brakes than other vehicles because they need more pressure to stop the large vehicle from moving forward. With all that heat, friction, and air compression comes an increased chance of a brake failure – especially if it’s not properly maintained with regular checks for signs like rusting or corrosion on parts like pistons, etc.

Refrigeration Problems

With a large portion of big rig trucks transporting temperature-controlled goods, such as food and medicine, they require special refrigerated trailers to maintain the correct temperature.

If any problem arises with the refrigeration unit, roadside assistance is quickly needed to avoid wasting products or spoiling them. It’s something truck drivers can’t overlook because if their load ends up ruined, then it’s all for naught.

Cooling System

It can be nerve-wracking to have your coolant system fail in the middle of nowhere as a trucker. Luckily, most people with this issue can fix the problem on their own without needing outside help; but imagine if you had no idea what was wrong or how to go about fixing it! That’s why drivers should make sure they know everything there is when buying and maintaining their rigs so that costly problems like these don’t derail them before long.


Big rig trucks have a lot more electronics than your average vehicle, including cranking and charging systems as well as standard electronics like the truck’s lights. These complex electrical systems need regular maintenance to avoid failure, which is often the cause for big rig breakdowns.

Some of these include start motors, alternators, and batteries that all play an essential role in how they operate; any issues with one could lead to sudden roadside assistance, whether it be having trouble starting or if you get stuck on the side of the road because your battery died midway through driving.

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