COD Warzone Season 3: Safe Hacks To Try

Call Of Duty Warzone of the COD series has surpassed 100 million players as of April 21, 2021, which has been a milestone indeed. Warzone is a game that incorporates a tactical display of wit along with speed. The season 3 update, and the upcoming Season 4, have escalated the difficulties for survival.

Worried that you will not be able to compete with the millions of veterans? Do not! Our cheats and hacks shall make you victorious, along with keeping your secret safe. If you want to win the battle royale and also keep yourself undetected from watchdog, here are some of our hacks that you can use:-


The warzone aimbot hack does not let you miss any target.

The aimbot hack allows the hackers to shoot down any target without needing to set a proper aim over the target. In this way, a hacker using an aimbot can take down an entire squad because of its aim.

Also regarded as ‘silent aim,’ the cheat can be pointed to shoot anywhere else. Still, as long as it has the same zip code, the bullets would be directed towards the target. The server interprets the shot bullets as being shot to the target.

Wall Hack

Wallhack is a prominent tool for hackers in the Warzone because it does give them immense powers over the other players. Using a wallhack, the hacker will possess an X-ray vision of sort that will let the hacker see-through even walls to know another player’s location. In this way, the hacker knows the positions of its enemy players, rendering the opponents at a disadvantage. The hacker can quickly launch surprise attacks and wipe out its enemies who have been camping.

Wallhack will also let the cheater know about the distance of another player from the hacker.

The wallhack will comprehend the cheater by making the wireframe color of the enemy turn red when they are in the vision line of the hacker, making it easy for the hacker to spot the opponent and fire.


The Warzone ESP will help save you the hassle of looking into your map now and then locating the items. Stride through the realm of Warzone with confidence because the ESP will let you know about the positioning of all sorts of items and weapons.

It also detects any explosives nearby and alerts you priorly about the hidden enemies. The player can also get to know the personal information of the enemy player regarding username and weapon currently in use. 

HWID Spoofer

The HWID Spoofer is a means to dodge the prying eyes by altering your hardware ID.

When a player is banned because of any violation of the rules and regulations, including unethical hacks, the HWID ban does not let the player enter the game again, at least using the same device he had been using while getting banned. The change of name and new ID no longer works here because the strict HWID ban detects the undeletable latent files of the device. It gets to know that an already banned player is trying to access the game. Therefore, the access is cut off at once.

The HWID Spoofer alters these undeletable, hidden files so that when you log in, the ban can no longer be detected, and you can easily access the game. HWID Spoofer also works on the already banned accounts even if they are permanently banned. You can also use one even before you’re banned for keeping your primary ID safe.

Nearly half a million warzone player accounts have already been banned this year by Activision. Therefore, seeing to the risks, it is better to use a trustable site for deploying cheats. We have been online for more than a decade and keep updating the cheats regularly. Henceforth, undetected means to play and win via our hacks are guaranteed. Cheats and hacks are illegal; it ultimately rests upon the user’s discretion to use them or not.

Suppose you do not want to spend unnecessary sweat and blood while trying to be the first in the game. Use our amazing hacks. You will surely emerge as the winner of all battles.

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Last modified: July 20, 2021

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