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People know her with the name couture queen while her name is Christine chiu. Its impossible to guess christine chiu age by looking at her. Btw she is getting viral over the social media for her role in one of the hottest Netflix series called “Bling empire”. The series is about the affluent asian society living in America. This show has gained immense popularity in the past and revolves around the filthy rich wealthy peoples of asian race. 

While the name couture queen is coined by the netflix itself. In some of the initial episodes Christine alexandra Chiu can be seen tackling her fertility issues. She also displays the complicated relationship with her husband Dr. gabrile chiu.

Before moving ahead in this post let’s explore christine chiu or  christine chiu Biography. 

Name – christine alexandra chiu

Birthday year – 1982

christine chiu age – 38 years

Birthplace – Taiwan

Height – data not available 

Relationship – married 

Married – yes

Husband – Dr. Gabriel chiu

Citizenship – Taiwan

Profession – businesswoman

Christine chiu instagram – christine_chiu88

If you watched the trending netflix series titled “crazy rich Asian” then you must be thinking of the charming noble characters of the show. The surprising culture of the elite asian group in countries like America made a popular break after its release. Immense wealth and limelight realities and benefits with a series of complicated relationships is beautifully depicted in this 8 episodes show. 

christine chiu Biography is some kind of related to that. She’s the perfect example of a filthy rich asian who has made herself recognizable on american soil. Her husband and she are the owners of Beverly hills plastic surgery. They are also the owner of an eminent institute of beverly hills called Anti-Aging Institute of Regenerative Medicine. Christine chiu net worth is massively impacted by these institutes run by the couple together.

Christine alexandra Chiu and her husband alexander chiu is one of the respected philanthropists of Beverly hills. 

Christine is an active businesswoman who is a powerhouse of elegance and a specimen of style icon. Christine chiu age is just a figure for her attitude towards life. 

Additionally she is also known for her expert advice in terms of dermatology and plastic surgery. Therefore she is successfully running the luxury spa with her husband and preparing to expand its plastic surgery institute chain globally. 

christine chiu age 

According to Christine wiki, the famous Netflix couture queen age is defined by her personality. The super lady’s age is 38 years. At this age she is one of the richest ladies of Beverly Hills in the USA. Multiple roles such as businesswoman, philanthropist, beauty expert, fashion icon, couture queen, etc are very well reflected in her personality. 

People will be shocked to know the net worth of the business lady of beverly hills. Christine started her career as a PR (public relations) employee in the beauty industry. Now she runs her own business of luxury spa and beauty institute for different kinds of plastic surgery and beauty related luxury services. The couture queen itself has a net worth of more than 50 million US dollars. 

These above mentioned business activities add up massively in christine chiu net worth. This value saw an immense surge when the luxury services got the collaboration with the Prince’s Foundation Chiu Integrated Health Programme. 

The ages of the different artists in the netflix series are given here consecutively. The age of the impressive actor Anna Shay is 60 years. Kim Lim is 30 years old. Kevin Krieder is 37 years old. Whereas the couple Christine Chiu and Dr Gabriel Chiu are 38 years and 53 years. Yeah you got it right Gabriel is 15 years older than his wife christine. 

Jaime Xie – 22 years, Kelly Mi Li – 35 years , Kim li – 30 years, Guy Tang is 39 years. 

  1. Beside the rich economic status of Chrisine chiu, she is one of the most humane people in the cosmetic industry. She dontes a great chunk of her income to the less capable one. 
  2. In collaboration with britain charles prince’s foundation christine institute has integrated necessary health support for the needy local at scotland. 
  3. If you visit christine instagram profile you will see why she is called Queen of  haute couture. She is one of the trendsetters of the industry. 
  4. She loves listerine and it will be a nightmare if there is no listeine available in the morning time. 
  5. In person Christine is highly personal and actively reduces his close relationship. 
  6. She the loves the outdoor adventure activities such as shooting practice, archery, hiking, surfing, swimming, etc
  7. She was a brilliant student in her academics. She is super ingenious in business as she has a degree in international business from Pepperdine University. 
  8. She took partin the ABC tv show Dancing with the stars. Christine partnered with Pasha Pashkov, in the show. She was eliminated in the 3rd week. 
  9. Her favorite place that she is always ready to visit at any point of time of her life. It is a South American place called patagonia. 
  10. One of the fun facts related to Christine is that she cannot pronounce squirrel.

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