Check Out These Brands to Look Your Best

It’s official: the raves are back.

After last summer of no raves (huge bummer), we are finally making our way back into the rave lifestyle. Are you as excited as we are? Because, to be honest, we are pretty darn excited.

With rave season comes rave outfit shopping. You have your own unique style, but you may be a bit out of practice since it’s been so long. You need to find a way to look your ravey-baby best.

Here are the brands you should check out when you go to buy your next rave outfit this season.

What to Look For In A Rave Wear Brand

Before we get into which ones are the best, let’s see just what it is that makes these brands stand out from the rest.

These are the primary criteria we’re going to be using to determine the absolute best brands for ravewear. 


First and foremost is quality.

Some people take this one for granted or underestimate it since you will probably only wear your rave outfit once or twice. But think about what you’ll be doing at a rave. Dancing your butt off. And though you certainly want to dance your butt off, you do NOT want to literally dance your pants off. So quality is key.


If you’re going ravewear shopping, you want to go with a site that’s got it all. You’ll want to buy all of the different elements of your rave outfit in one place, so we picked only the brands that offer everything you need to perfect your rave outfit.


Last but certainly not least, you need your rave outfit to be affordable. There are so many different elements that go into a rave outfit, from bodysuits to leg wraps to platform shoes to funky glasses, so you already know you’re going to have to buy quite a few different pieces.

These brands are all very affordable without sacrificing quality or design for those lower price tags.

Rave Wonderland

As the name suggests, Rave Wonderland offers plenty of different rave choices for men, women, and neither. They also have a few different collections to choose from, so you can get the sparkly, fairy vibe, or the edgy black leather look for your rave outfit.

They also offer lots of fun shoes, face jewels, mesh skirts and shirts, and pasties of all varieties.


If you’re looking for only the best rave outfits, look no further than iHeartRaves. They’ve made a name for themselves by being on the scene for a while now, and that’s for good reason.

This brand offers all of the essentials, including bodysuits, crop tops, high-waisted booty shorts, and leg wraps. They even offer fun accessories like kaleidoscope glasses and harnesses, and, of course, plenty of different fanny packs. For those of us not even raving, they also have fun masks that can make any day a festival.

They’re always coming out with new special lines of clothing, like their sugar baby collection which is exactly what you’d expect it to look like, complete with pink vinyl and thick chokers.

If you sign up for their email list, they will regularly let you know about the various sales and specials that they always have going on. 

Go With the Best

Since we all had to miss out on raves last year, we’re going to have to make up for it with this year’s wild rave looks.

When you’re putting together your next rave outfit for that long-awaited festival you have coming up, go with the best brands so that you can look great.

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