It is pretty standard for one’s glasses to get wet, it is ubiquitous during monsoons. But the key lies in how one cleans their glasses to prevent any scratch formation or other vision hindrances. Sunglasses can often be costly and damaging; they might induce the need to buy a new one. 

While it is impossible to evade water exposure, one can stay mindful and adapt these tricks to ensure that their sunglasses are not damaged. Remember to clean them and do not leave the sunglasses wet regularly. The watermarks will hinder your vision and eventually ruin the glass’s quality. 

This is a compilation of a few tricks and tips to help keep your sunglasses clean these monsoons:

  1. Make sure that your hands are thoroughly clean before cleansing the glasses.

The first step is to ensure that your hands are free of any muck, grease, oil, water, or other contaminants that may augment the damage that leaves fingerprints. Wash your hands and completely dry them off with a lint-free cloth to avoid any debris. After completing these rudimentary steps, move to the next stage. 

  1. Use a gentle stream of water to drain off the excess dirt. 

When your sunglasses come in contact with water, it tends to allow dirt and dust to stick to its surface. While wiping them off with a dry cloth might seem like the easy way out, subject them to a thin stream of water. This will rid the glasses of excess dirt. Refrain from using hot water since it may damage the coating on your glasses. The water cleansing method sometimes helps in freeing the stubborn dirt. One can also generously use their hands to wash it off. 

  1. Use a lotion-free dishwashing liquid. 

You can either invest in a sunglass cleaning liquid or use the dishwashing liquid available at home. Use a tiny amount of the liquid, gently rub it across the glasses, and then wash it off with tap water. Make sure that you use small amounts because the main focus is to rid the dust and watermarks. Do not leave out any parts, including the frame, which can accumulate dirt over time. Since people do not clean their sunglasses quite often, make sure you do a thorough job. The nose pads might also be dirty due to sweating and constant use. 

  1. Clean the glasses with a lint-free towel

After completing the washing process, drain out any excess water and use a lint-free cloth to execute the final cleaning step. A lint-free cloth is imperative because having tiny fabric smeared across one’s glasses looks shabby and tampers with one’s vision. 

Hence, if you do not own one, you can buy it online or from a physical sunglasses store. Lint is people’s biggest pet peeve and can be pretty pesky. A good quality cotton towel can serve as a temporary alternative, but it would help to own the real deal in the long run. 

Properly clean the lenses and all the other parts of your sunglasses. Do not leave any water traces. Finally, inspect your glasses for any remaining dirt, debris, water, or soap. It should look crystal clear at this point to serve its purpose. If not, go over with the cloth another time.


Hence despite getting wet, if you follow these tricks, your sunglasses will remain safe. 

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