Build quality apps with Drag and drop mobile app builder

Have an idea for an application but can’t write code? Now create your application without creating a single line of code. Use the easy-to-use drag-and-drop App Builder framework. Get everything you need to create a unique mobile app. This mobile app building platform allows you to create and publish your own app in minutes. Turn your app idea into reality, make your app now.

Simple ways to build a mobile app

Anyone can build powerful, professional, native mobile apps with drag and drop mobile app builder using a wide range of basic and advanced features that you can add to your app. Even if you’ve never written a single line of code in your life and need to create a small business app, you can develop your app the way you want with the App Builder.

 Drag and drop the user interface

With Drag and drop mobile app builder, creating your application’s user interface is as easy as creating a prototype. But instead of building a prototype, you are building real software. Every technique property conceivable is accessible in a menu that you can modify, and you can preview the final result in real time. Add animation, upload your own font family, and change responsive design settings to make your mobile app look beautiful on TV.

Recreate any logic visually

Imagine you have the most powerful programming language available to you, with every logical function you can think of. Gauges, file operations, data functions, permissions, user input, animation – everything. And then, instead of writing code and learning the syntax, you can simply drag and drop functions onto the canvas. That’s all. It just works. Every single parameter or variable that you can use in your functions becomes available automatically.

Bring your own data

Data is at the heart of any modern application. This is why app builder was built around data integration and transformation. First, we made it easy to add your own integrations. Then create some pre-built integrations to get started. And finally, we’ve added a development database that you can play with. Unlike other solutions, we do not want to transmit your data through our servers. When you integrate your application into the back end, it connects directly to it. This is what we call zero blocking.

Create an amazing app with formula functions

We took a simple concept that everyone knows and spiced it up with magic. By combining spreadsheet-like formulas with built-in full application context support, we’ve created the most powerful algorithm editor you’ll ever see. Combine hundreds of data conversion functions with related data such as device and system information, GPS location, sensor values, data properties, and app state.

Publish apps to mobile devices

When you’ve finished building your application, it’s time to submit it. You don’t need a specific operating system to build apps for specific devices. No software is required to compile the code. With our free cloud build service, you can request a binary version of your own application in just a few simple steps and it will be delivered to you automatically. It has never been easier. And if you want to deploy your web application, it’s just as easy and just press and release.

Quality and speed

When you build an application yourself, it can be difficult to align development resources in such a way as to get the desired application within your budget. With Drag and drop mobile app builder, you can save a lot of time by leveraging existing features, resulting in immediate cost savings, and because these features are used by thousands of apps, you can rely on quality development.

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