Bugs, Rodents And Termites: How To Keep Your Home Free From Pests

A homeowner knows how irritating pests can be for the house. Different types of pests like rodents, termites, roaches, spiders, and others can prove to be dangerous for any home. If you have young kids, they can easily be suspect to health hazards and dangers. 

Keeping your home pest-free should be one of the top priorities of any homeowner. However, care should be taken to ensure that you are proactive when dealing with pests in your home. 

In this article, we are going to look at some of the best preventive mechanisms you need to take to ensure that your home is pest-free. We will also be looking at some of the major dangers that are associated with pests and how you should protect against them. 

How to Prevent Pests from Entering your Home

In this section, we are going to see three main strategies that you can employ to keep pests at bay- 

  1. Maintain the Highest Levels of Cleanliness-

When it comes to pests, unhygienic conditions create sufficient grounds for them spreading. Open garbage areas, bins that are not covered properly, and dust accumulations in and around the home need to be stopped. This is why you should opt for deep cleaning your home at regular intervals. Clearing out the attic and basement along with vacuuming is essential. 

  1. Ensure that the Water Pipes and Drainage is in order-

Pests like termites thrive in conditions that are damp and moist. A lot of the pests make their way into your home from leaking pipes and drainage. This is why you need to check all your pipes periodically to ensure that there are no leakages or open areas in the piping and drainage. Try to use a combination of baking powder and bleach to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. 

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  1. Educate the Family Members on Pest Control-

Keeping pests out of the home is not something that a single individual can be capable of doing. It requires the collective help and awareness of all the members of the household. It is important that you make family members aware when it comes to spotting signs of pests. Everyone needs to be proactive in taking the garbage out, closing bins, and ensuring pests are not at home. 

Can a DIY approach help you in Removing or Eliminating Pests from your home?

One of the major mistakes homeowners make when it comes to pests is trying to get rid of them on their own. What they do not understand is running down to K-Mart and grabbing a spray is not going to help you. While it might offer temporary relief, you will see the pests are back in no time. 

A more permanent solution is to always hire experts that are trained and experienced in handling such problems. They have experience, knowledge and use the latest tools and technology that can help them identify and eliminate pests. 

Another reason why people should avoid using a DIY approach is that the chemicals that are used in exterminating sprays, liquids, and foods are dangerous if it comes into contact with humans. Specialists cordon off the area if they are affecting any treatment for the pests. 

You should never try to be around or handle such sensitive and chemically toxic elements. A DIY approach will not work in this case, and hence you should always contact the specialists for the job. 

Some Hazards that come with having Pests in your House

According to experts, the following are some of the dangers of having pests in and around your house- 

  • Pests like termites that eat away at the structural integrity of your wooden foundations, walls, and ceiling beams. This can result in the house collapsing down.
  • Rodent droppings are very dangerous and if ingested in human food can cause diarrhea and stomach complications.
  • Spiders and other moths can bite kids and children and leave dirty marks. This can also cause major rashes, infections, and allergies to anyone who has been bitten.
  • Having pests in the home also lowers its valuation. If you are looking to sell your home, the valuator can check for signs of pests and give you a lower price than the market.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have tried to highlight some of the major aspects of pests in a household. We have looked at preventive tips, explained why a DIY approach will not work, and pointed out some of the major dangers associated with having pests in the 

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