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Sydney, Australia, has one of the best and most significant health care sectors globally, with over 1 and a half million people working in this industry. The country ranks third for healthcare achievements, following Norway and the Netherlands, respectively. The dental health sector of the country has won its glory since the early years of this century. Everything is at its best, from pediatric dentistry to porcelain veneers in Sydney. 

Cosmetic dentistry is the new attraction in Australia as it brightens the smile quickly with durability. In cosmetic dentistry, veneers are the star of the show now, as it helps to cover all the imperfections perfectly. A veneer is the best option to close a narrow gap, hide a permanent tint or cover a broken tooth. It not only takes care of these problems but also gives the teeth an improved and healthy look. It directly enhances a healthy smile in the person without getting orthodontic treatment. After all, a healthy tooth gift sounds like a smile! 

Read this article to know more about veneers. 

What is a veneer, and how does it work? 

The recent discussion in cosmetic dentistry is about porcelain veneers in Sydney. There are efficient dentists in the town who help shape the tooth and prepare it for the old perfection. But what is a veneer? 

As the name suggests, they are wafer-thin shells in the colour of the tooth, which is moulded into the shape of a tooth. The shape of the tooth varies from person to person. A cosmetic dentist uses these veneers to improve the aesthetics of the teeth by sticking them on flawed or damaged teeth. They first examine the patient and understand their oral health. After that, preparations are done to clear the teeth for the veneer treatments. A thin layer of enamel is trimmed from the front of the tooth. Here, the dentist pastes the veneer. This trick enables the veneer to stay thicker and longer. A veneer is custom made as every tooth is different in size. It will take approximately 2 weeks to adjust. 

Tips Before Getting Veneers

A patient should take care of these things before getting a porcelain veneer.

1) Removing enamel is a must to ensure the perfect smile

The reason why most people go for cosmetic dentistry is to smile brighter. Simply pasting the veneer without removing the enamel would not give an even smile. The restored tooth should be the same as the rest of the teeth in proportional dimensions. So, to accommodate this condition, it is necessary to remove the thin layer of the enamel. This thickness differs according to the density of the veneer. 

2) Two or Three appointments are necessary

As mentioned above, veneers are custom made. They are made in dental labs according to the patient’s tooth impression. It takes time to fabricate the perfect porcelain veneer. The first visit to the dentist is to take a measurement, which follows the removal of enamel and fabrication of the veneer. A permanent veneer will be placed only after these steps. So, a minimum of three appointments with the dentist is necessary to finish the treatment. 

3) No Pain but Gain

It is a painless process, and the dentist will give local anaesthesia. If there is tooth decay, the dentist will remove the decayed tissue prior. The patient will feel no pain during the removal of enamel. 

4) Alternatives in veneers

There are different types of veneers available now. Among them, porcelain veneers in Sydney are more robust and good-looking. They are durable and more resistant than the other alternatives. 

5) Long-lasting

The main attraction of dental veneers is that it lasts long. Some veneers are long-lasting for ten years, while the others are for fifteen years. Porcelain veneers last long compared to another concrete alternative. A person with good oral health habits can maintain the veneers more efficiently.

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