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Nigel Evans branded Dominic Grieve “an absolute Remainer” after the former Conservative attorney general called on Boris Johnson to resign. Mr Grieve, who was one of the 21 Tory rebels who lost the whip last week, claimed that if Boris Johnson misled the Queen about the reasons for prorogation, he should resign. Mr Evans hit back at this claim, and pointed to a poll today that showed a whopping 54 percent of British people want the referendum result to be respected.

The Brexiteer told the BBC: “Dominic is really in overdrive in his complete hatred for Boris Johnson.

“What he is fearful of is, I suspect, is that Boris will deliver Brexit on the 31st October with a deal, and that is the last thing Dominic wants!

“They just want to carry on talking, and not come to a conclusion.

“Dominic is an absolute Remainer. He doesn’t mind turning his back on 17.4million people.

“He doesn’t want to a accept their views. I’m not surprised by what Dominic has said. Boris is proving himself a winner.”

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Mr Evans added: “If I were Dominic, I would just look at the Telegraph today, at the opinion poll that says 54 percent want us to get on with it.”

The recent ComRes survey suggested that more people than ever want the referendum’s result to be honoured.

A majority of 54 percent agreed that Brexit should be respected, while just 25 percent disagreed.

He went on to berate Remainer MPs for “throwing a tantrum” in Parliament on Monday, when the Commons was prorogued.

Earlier today, a Scottish court ruled that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s suspension of the British parliament was unlawful

This prompted immediate calls for lawmakers to return to work and re-open Parliament.

Scotland’s highest court of appeal ruled that Mr Johnson’s decision to prorogue parliament until October 14 was unlawful, in a huge blow to No 10.

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