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Appearing on the debate programme in Beckenham, the MP for Wigan was attacked by an audience member over criticised Labour’s decision not to back a general election. The clash came during talks of a no deal Brexit where one member of the audience claimed Boris Johnson had “no intention” of getting a deal. He said: “The British people need to wake up and realise it is going to be a no deal unless we get Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party out of Government.”

Ms Nandy shook her head at the gentleman’s comments about the Prime Minister.

After this, another member of the audience questioned her about Labour’s election stance.

He said: “Lisa I see you shaking your head about getting rid of Boris Johnson.

“Yet you keep blocking a general election.”

He said: “So you’re not confident about winning the general election?

“You don’t want a general election?”

Ms Nandy replied: “I do want a general election but I’m not going to do that before October 31.

“We’ve got to stop him inflicting self-harm on the people of this country.”

Earlier in the programme, Ms Nandy said she found Brexit talk “depressing”.

She said she believed the UK was further away from departing from the EU since Mr Johnson became Prime Minister.

It comes as Mr Johnson met with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to discuss the Irish border.

Following the meeting, Mr Varadkar indicated that there could still be hope for a new deal.

Despite the October 31 date looming, No 10 has repeatedly insisted that the UK will leave the EU on that date come what may.

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