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Many people know that what happened with Breonna Taylor, according to the research Breonna Taylor killed by 3 plainclothes officers with the Louisville Metro Police Department on 13 March 2020, and the reason is a raid of her home, you want to know about the exact situation, slide down to know Breonna Taylor investigation report, and what Breonna Taylor boyfriend did at that time because he is the only one who was with her when police came Breonna Taylor house. Read the article about Breonna Taylor wiki.

In this article we will discuss Breonna Taylor wiki, Breonna Taylor bio, what Breonna Taylor age is and when Breonna Taylor born, the exact reason for Breonna Taylor’s death and the Breonna Taylor investigation report, Breonna Taylor family, and Breonna Taylor boyfriend information too, so let’s continues.

Breonna Taylor wiki-

Why Breonna Taylor Police Shooting Just Got Attention

Full name- Breonna Taylor

Known as- Breonna

Date of birth- 5 June 1993

Died on- 13 March 2020

Cause of death- Multiple Gunshots by the Police

Occupation- Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

University- University of Kentucky

Father name- Troy Herrod

Mother name-Tamika Palmer

Boyfriend- Kenneth Walker

Breonna Taylor Wikipedia Bio in detail-

Fact check: Posts with Breonna Taylor 'truths' include misinformation

As you all know Brooke Daniells is dead but Brooke Daniells belongs to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Brooke Daniells father’s name is Troy Herrod and Brooke Daniells mother’s name is Tamika Palmer they are live together.

Brooke Daniells is a graduated girl who passed her schooling from Western High School in 2011 and she finished her graduation from the University of Kentucky.

After her study she becomes an EMT (emergency medical technician), Brooke Daniells also worked at two hospitals which is Norton healthcare hospital and the University of Louisville Jewish Hospital. She started working in 2016 November for Louisville city. After all these studies Brooke Daniells was promoted to Emergency Medical Technician in June 2016.

Brooke Daniells parents proud of her career and her success, during her death period Brooke Daniells worked for the Kentucky One Health University of Louisville, KY, hospital.

On Brooke Daniells Facebook, she posted 1 caption which seems most attractive, and that caption is for others- she wrote

“Working in health care is so rewarding! It makes me so happy when I know I’ve made a difference in someone else’s life!”

But the hardworking girl was dead now by police officers and they killed her in Louisville on 13 March; slide down to know about the exact situation.

What is Breonna Taylor age, and Breonna Taylor born?

Breonna Taylor born in Grand Rapids Michigan on 5th June 1993, Breonna Taylor age was 26 when she died, Breonna Taylor age is too small when she died, she just starts her life, let’s know what happens exactly why Breonna Taylor killed by police and what is the Breonna Taylor investigation report.

The exact reason for Breonna Taylor death and Breonna Taylor investigation report-

Beyoncé Wrote Letter About Breonna Taylor to Kentucky's Attorney General

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker and Breonna Taylor both were asleep in their apartment on 13 March at 1:00 AM and on that time three plainclothes officers came with the Louisville Metro police department and that department arrived at Breonna Taylor’s home with the warrant in drug case to raid on that place. The three police officer name is Mattingly, Cosgrove, Hankison

PHOTO: Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, Det. Myles Cosgrove and Det. Brett Hankison are pictured in Louisville, Ky. Police Department portraits.

Mattingly, Cosgrove, Hankison

They both slept, and then the police officers broke the door and came into their apartment.

At that time, Breonna Taylor boyfriend had a licensed gun and he allegedly discharged his firearms and he injured a law enforcement officer Jonathan Mattingly, because he thought that someone tries to come into their apartment illegally and maybe there was some criminal and he used firearms for their self-defense and the other police officer returned a shot through his gun and that bullet killed Breonna Taylor on 13 March 2020 who was just 26 years old women.

But after this Breonna Taylor boyfriend was charged as a criminal to attempted murder on a police officer, but after some time Breonna Taylor boyfriend Walker was released due to Covid-19.

This raid broke Breonna Taylor boyfriend emotionally, mentally, he was facing an issue such as trauma, humiliation, embarrassment, and reputational harm.

After this incident, many people protest and at that time the LMPD said to ABC News that they are not going to kill them, the department police use their guns to defend the officer who injured, the officers knocked on the door and they announced on the door but they did not respond the police that why they broke the apartment door.

It was an amazing interview in October in which Mattingly offered empathy for Breonna Taylor death, he said that “it was horrible and tragic for me and it would never happen if we face same like this case”

In end Breonna Taylor boyfriend charged was dismiss, it is proven that he used a gun for self-defense

And after some time in 2020 May, the commonwealth Attorney dismiss all the charges which are against Breonna Taylor boyfriend

According to the Breonna Taylor investigation report, there was no camera or footage for evidence, so this is all the information about Breonna Taylor’s death.

Information about Breonna Taylor boyfriend-

PHOTO: Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker embrace in an undated family photo.

As above I told you that Breonna Taylor boyfriend name is Kenneth Walker they live their life happily, they both love each other, this is all the information about Breonna Taylor boyfriend when we know more about him we will tell you soon.

Know about Breonna Taylor family-

There is not much information about Breonna Taylor family; we searched about her parents only. Breonna Taylor’s father name is Troy Herrod and Breonna Taylor’s mother name is Tamika Palmer, there are no details about Breonna Taylor’s siblings or relatives.

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