Breast Reconstruction Good for you or Not?

There are a number of women out there who undergo a mastectomy, either for the treatment of breast cancer, or for reducing the risk of the disease. Once they do so, they also become eligible for reconstructive procedures that are performed for restoring the shape of the lost breast. The additional surgery that’s performed for rebuilding the look and shape of the breast is referred to as breast reconstruction surgery. This is a choice that a woman has to make and it is highly personal. They have to decide whether to have reconstruction or not, what type to choose and when to get it. 

Furthermore, their overall health also has to be taken into account, along with their preferences in certain areas. These can include the recovery time associated with different reconstructive procedures, aesthetic concerns and the ability of gaining complete function after surgery. Women have the option of opting for reconstruction immediately after they have undergone a mastectomy, or they can also choose to get it done at a later time, which is known as delayed reconstruction. 

In order to determine whether breast reconstruction is good for you or not, you need to know and understand the options first. There are two surgical options at your disposal if you are considering the procedure. These are:

Implant Reconstruction 

Nowadays, you can find implants in a wide array of sizes and shapes and they can give a more natural appearance than they did previously. Moreover, older implants had been known for leaking silicone, but the newer ones do not suffer from any leakage, even if there is an opening. It should also be noted that the procedure of putting in implants is also shorter and this also applies to the recovery time. The problem with these is that their appearance is not completely natural and they have to be replaced within 15 to 20 years. 

Tissue Reconstruction 

This particular procedure involves the removal of tissue and skin from another part of the body by the plastic surgeon and then used in reconstruction. This is usually the buttocks, thigh, back or abdomen. This surgical procedure is much longer than implants, which means you require a longer time for recovery as well. Also, two parts of the body also get scars, but they can fade over time. This process does create natural breasts, but some ‘correction’ surgeries are also needed for achieving the best results. However, once they are done, there is no further alteration needed. 

When a patient decides to have reconstruction after a mastectomy, the plastic surgeon and breast surgeon will coordinate closely. Experts like Dr. Elisabeth Potter can guide patients on what to expect when they wake up. 

There are a number of benefits of breast reconstruction that women can enjoy. Women can regain their breast shape permanently, feel better about their body because their clothes will be able to fit better and they will not have to use an external prosthesis to achieve a proper form. Moreover, their chest will also appear balanced when they wear a bra or a swimsuit. 

As far as risks associated with breast reconstruction is concerned, it should be noted that this is a surgical procedure. This means that it carries the same risk as any other type of surgery. There have been significant advances made over the years, which have certainly helped mitigate these risks and reduce the recovery time of patients as well. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the cost either because there are reasonable packages available these days and your insurance may also cover the breast reconstruction procedure after mastectomy.

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