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When out bowling, there is no greater feeling than getting a strike or teaching your kids to play this wonderful game. But other than excitement, thrill, and a great way to spend your leisure time, there are some actual benefits of bowling.

And one of the most important benefits of bowling is the fact that this recreational activity can improve your overall health. That said, the following are some of the Melbourne bowling benefits that you can benefit from.

1. Increase in Muscle Strength

One of the things that most people miss about bowling is that this activity is really a sport. This is because bowling involves lifting, extending, and bending, which all require you to use some physical strength.

And each time you lift a bowling bowl and roll it, you engage your arm, shoulder, and wrist muscles as you roll the ball down the lane. What’s more, the more you roll the ball down the lane, the more you engage your muscle strength.

As a result, you end up gaining muscle strength the more you play this game or each time you increase the weight of the bowling ball.

2. Improved Flexibility

Because you are frequently engaging your physical muscles, bowling can also help in improving your flexibility. In other words, the more you bowl, the more flexible you are likely to become. This is because bowling as a sport requires your body to be in an extensive range of motion.

You might be lunging and twisting more often, but you’ll also be engaging your muscles to balance as you approach the bowling lane. And the more you take part in this game, the more stable and flexible you’ll become.

3. A Form of Exercise

With so many physical actions involved, you already know that bowling is a form of exercise. However, bowling is a low-impact exercise that can still offer you positive physical results. While other forms of exercises are hard to engage in and the routines even harder to follow, bowling can offer an almost similar experience.

With bowling, you’ll be doing what you like and at the same time engaging physically. This is more exercise than you think and you’ll have to practice more to become the best at playing the game.

4. Cardio

If you find it hard to attend cardio classes on a regular basis, then bowling might be the best alternative for you. It works even better if bowling is your favourite hobby because you’ll always be looking forward to the next time you want to go bowling.

It’s estimated that bowling can cut calories ranging between 150-300 calories in every 71 steps per minute. The number of calories lost indicated above are equivalent to what you can lose when using a jump rope for about 25 minutes straight.

5. Stress Reliever

It’s hard to find someone with a frowning face in the bowling alley. This is because the activity is usually done in groups and the social interaction in bowling alleys brings a jovial atmosphere.

As a result, people full of stress are able to decompress as they improve their mental well-being.


If you are interested in Melbourne bowling, then these are some of the positive benefits that you should expect to experience. And when you bowl frequently, you can improve your physical, emotional, and mental health as well.

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Last modified: June 25, 2021

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