Boosting Body-Positivity: How to Feel Sexier and More Confident

Are you struggling to get your confidence back and figuring out how to feel sexier? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few things to get you back to feeling great about yourself with only a little bit of work!

Keep reading to find out how to feel sexier and more confident!

Practice Daily Self-Love

An important step to figuring out how to feel sexier and more confident is to begin the practice of self-love on a daily basis.

Self-love can mean different things but the main gist is to tell yourself daily either to your reflection in a mirror or in your head daily that you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are.

If this is something you have determined to be problematic, you should speak to a therapist or psychologist to check for underlying issues like depression that can prevent you from feeling like your best self.

If you want to find out about dealing with body image issues you can read more here.

Purchase a Killer Outfit

The biggest difference you can make to help you increase self-confidence is to buy yourself an outfit that you feel confident and fabulous in. 

A good fitting and beautiful outfit can be just the confidence booster you need by having your outside appear confident to internalize that feeling. This is a great helper for those ‘fake it till you make it’ moments.

Take a page out of a celebrity you want to be like and see the outfits that they wear that you like to help you put something amazing together, or get the help of a store associate to pull some looks for you.

Don’t worry about the sizes of the clothes, because the number doesn’t define you and your self-worth and remember that you wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear you.

Pamper Yourself Regularly

Another great way to answer your questions of ‘how to feel sexier’? Pampering yourself regularly.

Whether you do this every week or a few times a week, a nice bath, face mask, and doing your nails can help you increase confidence and sexual confidence. 

Sometimes all it takes is a little nail polish to make you feel like the beautiful being you’re meant to be. If you don’t want to do it yourself, then spend the little extra for a manicure to let someone else help you feel amazing. 

You should even look into getting massages on a regular basis by a registered massage therapist, as sometimes stress can be a major cause of being down in the dumps.

Learning How to Feel Sexier

Learning how to feel sexier can take time, so don’t expect results overnight. It will require patience and persistence from you to build up your confidence to a higher level so that it can be unwavering.

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