Boost Instagram Likes and Followers on a Brand with Lightning Likes

Running out of ways to bring more Instagram likes and followers is a dilemma for Lightning Likes to solve. All the brand has to do is practice some techniques. While these are ongoing, quicker engagement can follow.

Put a Professional Brand Photo

Showing what a brand is about through the profile photo in a professional way can look creative! As the first image for the guest to see, make it memorable and well-represented. Get followers by giving a great first impression through it! The bio and brand name are related to it directly. Reaching out to the guest needs graphics without pixels and colors of the brand.

Provide Image or Video Carousels

Observe how Instagram followers go up more quickly with the presence of carousels! These allow images or videos to appear on the post. Slides on 10 pages tempt the guest to look at the post. By using this style, it tells the medium to present the brand on Explore. This part is what future supporters can see and lead to the account. 

Create Hashtags

An invention of social media, hashtags display with the # at the start. In coming up with a suitable set, watch the rise in followers! Also, buy Instagram followers to generate more attention. Hashtags can come from a search of what the guest looks for concerning the brand. The intention is to have a glance at the brand profile and turn into a follower. 

As a trial, produce two sets and use both in a month. By inspecting Insights, it gives an idea of which one is more effective. Maintain the appropriate set as a template. In general, there are two categories for a great strategy: niche-specific and post-specific. A post can have until 30 hashtags. When these are about the post, more likes and followers are rewards.

Have a Business Account

A brand has to use a Business account on Instagram. Insights provide the performance in the past 7 and 30 days. Details like engagement produced and accounts reached show up. Contact displays how the guest can communicate. Provide a phone number and email address. 

Share a User Generated Content (UGC)

In another user’s post showing the brand as enjoyable, future followers can see the account. Based on data, UGC (User Generated Content) affects purchases at 79%. 

See Stories with a Good Reach

Think of brands with appealing stories for their followers. A post can have interesting hashtags, GIFs, memes, and stickers. All of these contribute to the success of a post for more likes. 

Make It Live

Guests who are loyal to the brand can appear on a live post. Sharing their personal experiences with a product or service can make a positive difference. As another way, the owners can speak to their guests on IGTV. This is in real-time for actual engagement. The brand endorser can also become a guest with a live presence. Prepare two to three points worthy of conversing.

It takes continuous effort for a brand to build a strong Instagram following. With these proven ways, expect more likes in the coming days. Lightning Likes also supports with a generous volume.

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