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Boost Compliance And Security With Automated SoD

To execute the essential business process, the companies require an authentic management system, to control, as well as regulate the internal issues of fraudulence. While a team performs different tasks, there is always a chance of error. So, modern enterprises need to arrange such an environment, where the task can be assigned among a large number of people neutralizing the chances of fraudulence.

Now, the matter which should be focused on is the rapidly changing nature of business operations. So, the regulatory methods also should be evolved as per the changes of business operations. And the theory of this kind of regulatory balance initiates the enforcement of SOD principles. Today, most enterprises decide to adopt the emerging challenges SOD. Because they realize in the old-fashioned realms of finance and ERP, SOD management will work as a comprehensive extension.

Till now, almost 30% of organizations are running business operations based on automated SOD controls. And the rest of the business world is following manual analysis for monitoring SOD according to spreadsheets. In this matter, the role of consulting services is one kind of inefficient, as well as the inaccurate approach to maintaining the regulatory system. Today, data-driven business operations run in multi-layered IT environments. So, the automated system is the most essential factor for risk monitoring, as well as secured compliance audits.

If you are trying to find out what is segregation of duties is, you need to know about the Application Governance Risk and Compliance solution, which drives organizations to analyze SOD violations for managing risk factors, monitoring unauthenticated transactions, and management of the accessibility for the privileged users.

Some Key Functions of This type of solution:

SOD Analysis

This particular solution creates individual SOD rulesets for mapping the business processes. Along with the identification of overall SOD conflicts in the Cloud applications or Enterprise. The particular rulesets contain specific definitions at the granular level. Thus, the solution offers overall reports of SOD to serve the interest of conflict management. Being part of the analysis process the solution represents the striking balance between the granularity of rulesets and the requirements of SOD operations.

Automated Compliance

The methodology of real-time policy analysis makes this particular solution capable of playing a vital role in preventing the users from getting conflicting access. Similarly, attribute-driven provisioning provides easy options to the users for the management of accessibility in organizations.

Emergency Method Of Accessibility Management

The solution offers some critical aspects for the management and monitoring of the accessibility for privileged users. Through the automation of the process, the solution grants accessibility temporarily. According to the limited time, the solution monitors the activities in the most significant ways. In this particular way, it neutralizes the crucial data breaching exposure.

Certification For Risk Management

As an essential method of compliance, the organizations can introduce the certifications depending on the risk profile of the users, the critical lookout of the application, particular business, etc. From the end of the organization, the campaign always offers effective solutions out of risk fatigue.

Monitor The Transactions

The organizations follow the fair method of auditing and also respond with proper streamlined regulations to prevent unauthorized transactions. To execute all these agendas, the corporate solutions triple effective controls such as preventive controls, detective controls, and reactive controls. Detective controls play vital roles to monitor and check the accessibility with permission and without permission. In specific cases, the preventive controls review the policies, as well as peer groups, to determine the possibility of problems.

In the cases of inconsistent network or activity detection, the particular controls take the responsibility to send alerts, as well as notifications to the real owners. And as a result, the issues can be sorted out, on a real-time basis before it causes the larger risk factors for the organizations.


In the core analysis process, the organizations find out the solution providers, who offer designed products to execute business operations with particular ERP and financial management solutions. To meet the security requirements during audits in the enterprises, these designed products offer authentic services.

In the robust system of SOD management and consistent compliance these designed solutions enhance the capability of unauthorized activity detection. Powerful analytics is the key advantage of these solutions, which turn the whole SoD management program authentic to grab the seamless and real values of business operations. Therefore, as a fundamental building block, automated SoD is efficient to manage internal risk factors in business operations.

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